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Ron Williams

Interview with Ron Williams

We asked Ron Williams some questions concerning, fraud, security and his time with the Secret Service. Read more below.

How has the security industry changed since your time as a Secret Service Agent?

Fraud has become much more Transnational as the global marketplace has shrunk. A perpetrator in Russia can steal trade secrets and identities in Atlanta, Georgia, or Los Angeles by accessing a computer.


What are some of the security threats that today’s companies should be particularly aware of?

All companies should provide layered security for their information systems to protect proprietary data from outside hackers as well as “insider” employee thefts.


What are some of the biggest changes you have seen since 9/11?

Security Technologies have revolutionized the security industry. Unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) can provide real time surveillance and response. Bio tech products such as facial recognition is extremely valuable in the fight against terrorists.


What types of benefits do audiences get from your presentations?

I have appeared on FOX as a counterterrorist expert on numerous occasions. The audience will take away valuable information about cyber fraud, violence in the workplace prevention and knowledge about how to deal with dysfunctional behaviors.


What types of audiences benefit most from your keynotes and why?

C level executives, and small business owners. They will be able to understand risk management and steps they must take to minimize risk to protect their business.


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