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Interview with Ronan Tynan

Learn more about Ronan Tynan as a speaker and how to overcome obstacles. Read his interview below.

How do audiences generally describe your talks?

The words that I hear most often from audiences are moving, powerful, thoughtful, nostalgic and inspiring.

What is the most unique experience you have had as a result of your job?

I believe being asked to sing at President Ronald Reagan’s funeral would certainly be the most unique experience I have had and certainly the one that had the largest audience. More than 30 million people all over the globe watched the service.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

My parents continue to be my biggest source of inspiration.

Who encouraged you to start your singing career?

My father encouraged me to follow my dream. Considering I was in the process of completing my medical degree, which I did, to have a parent both support and encourage you to follow singing and not medicine as a profession, this was a tremendous gift.

How do you prepare yourself before giving a keynote speech?

I always take time to consider my audience and if there is a conference theme, the theme. To speak in front of people and have the opportunity to connect, encourage and inspire them, this is a great responsibility. On the day of a speech, I take a half hour to myself right before the presentation. I take this time to go over my speech, being certain of the connections I wish to make with the particular group and I commit myself to giving the audience the best possible experience.

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