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Interview with Rudy de Waele

learn more about Rudy de Waele keynotes, inspiration, and his most favorite experience from his speaking career. Read his interview with A-speakers below.

What technological advances right now do you find most fascinating?

Internet of Things (IoT)
Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Deep Learning / Cognitive Computing

How do you keep yourself at the forefront of innovation?

– Following trends in different sectors
– Reading a lot
– Exchanging opinion and discuss with other thought leaders
– Following what new startups do in different areas
– Attending events that make a difference

Should companies adapt new technologies faster than currently? (if yes) why?


Because we live in a world where technology is accelerating everything. We’re the first generation that has to learn to cope with such accelerated pace of innovation. Companies who are not able to adapt to that pace or learn how to innovate in this new business environment will disappear. We live in an age where most companies need to completely reinvent current business models that will disrupt or enhance existing ones. This has happened already in the music, telecom, media, and publishing sectors. We can witness this now in banking, hospitality, transport, and retail sectors for example. Every company has to reinvent itself in the near future and ask how their business is going to look in this new economy. That’s a big challenge for most companies. My job is to assist companies to better understand the changing landscape in their sector and introduce them to new processes on how to start to innovate better.

Who or what inspires you most?

Startups, music, travelling, nature and youth culture.

As for the most inspiring person, it’s Miles Davis: he always challenged the status quo of jazz and kept looking for new ideas and explored those with the younger generations of musicians, resulting in some of the best recordings and performances of all time.

And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do in my day-to-day job with shift 2020 ☺

Do you have a favorite experience from your speaking career?

My favourite experience was one of the first times I had to speak in public, on a topic I was very much engaged with at the time, called Mobile 2.0. It was at the Plugg conference in Brussels in 2008. I remember how everyone seemed to be blown away by how I presented a cascade of innovative startups disrupting the telecoms at that time. Very few people in the audience were aware of what was happening in that area, especially the telecoms. Everyone wanted to see me afterwards or work with me. It was so exciting and a new calling for me to become the professional speaker I am today. That presentation defined a new career change and opportunity for me.

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