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Interview with Sam Horn

Sam Horn, popular communication speaker, answers questions about her best experiences and how you could benefit from her talks. Read on below.

What is the message you hope that people take away from your presentations?

I would like participants to be given the clarity to understand that the success of what they care about –  their ideas, initiatives, programs, products, company and cause – depends on their ability to quickly and compellingly communicate why they are worth trying, buying, supporting or funding.

Participants walk out knowing exactly how to counteract INFObesity and command attention, respect and buy-in for their written and spoken communications.


How are your keynotes unique?

  • Every one of my keynotes is interactive;  this even includes the 18 minute TED-style keynote presentations.
  • I introduce ORIGINAL ideas people haven’t heard before.
  • I honor successful entrepreneurs and executives’ intelligence by introducing smart, strategic ideas they can immediately apply to get real-world results.
  • I integrate real-world success stories that show how these techniques have already produced dramatic, bottom-line results for other leaders.
  • I give participants an opportunity to connect with colleagues in meaningful exercises in which everyone instantly applies what they’ve learned to their top priority idea.
  • I create a “rising-tide-raising-all-boats” community and collective brain trust where people have fun, are thrilled with the immediate results, make lasting friendships, and walk out feeling that this was the most enjoyable, valuable presentation they’ve attended in years.


What does being an Intrigue Expert entail?

I help audiences and clients learn the “Art and Business of Intrigue” – so they’re able to engage busy, distracted people and win the attention, respect and buy-in of their target customers and decision-makers.


What types of audience benefits most from your talks

People who want to improve their ability to influence, persuade and positively impact others.  People who want to get a “yes” to a proposal, pitch or presentation.  People who want their idea, initiative or start-up supported, approved and funded.  People who are making a written or spoken request or recommendation to their employees and want their willing support. Anyone who wants to be more clear, compelling, convincing and confident when communicating.


What is the best experience you have had as a keynote speaker?

I have had the opportunity to speak around the world – Geneva, London, Amsterdam, Toronto and 35 of the 50 states in the U.S – and have been blessed to have many, many rewarding experiences as a keynoter.

One of my favorites is the time I was speaking for EO Alchemy and a woman walked up to me afterwards and said, “Do you remember me?”

I said, “You opened the door for me, didn’t you, this morning when I arrived?”

She said, “Yes, little did I know you’d be opening the door for me to a $9 million deal.”

“Wow,” I said.  “How so?”

She said, “In one of your exercises, we worked with a partner on how to use your techniques to turn our one-way elevator speech into a two-way elevator conversation.  The guy I was working with said, ‘I HAD NO IDEA you did that.  We’ve been looking for someone to take over that part of our business for the last few months.  I would much rather deal with someone I know, and trust, .. and would like to contract with you if you’re interested.”

To me, a successful keynote is when everyone in the audience makes a meaningful and mutually-rewarding connection with someone else in the room.

It’s when every single person learns something RELEVANT they didn’t know when they walked in.

It’s when everyone is able to instantly apply something they just heard to a priority project so it achieves their strategic goals.

It’s when people are enthralled and motivated by the stories, examples and quotes they hear – and are motivated to follow up and put them into practice so they become more effective communicators, on and off the job, and reap real-world, bottom-line results.

It’s when people walk out and say that was most enjoyable, valuable, insightful, and useful presentation I’ve ever been to.


Learn more about Sam Horn here.

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