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Sam Wyche

Interview with Sam Wyche

Learn more about How Sam Wyche combines Sports and Business concepts as well as his most memorable experiences as a keynote speaker. Read our interview with him below.

What is your best experience as a speaker?

Interaction with the audience–I include stories about their company or organization that I have learned from pre-speech talks…………humor and, occasionally, magic!


What is the message you hope people take away?

I drive home the motto, or slogan, or theme for the meeting using analogies to football and players and games they have seen on TV.


How are your keynotes unique?

I use many football (not all) situations and stories that resonate with them at their work place.


What is your biggest source of inspiration?

That depends on the group I am talking to…….Every event has its own “life lessons” that sometimes evades those closest to it–I expose and extrapolate from their experience to offer constructive responses when those occasions occur again–and they will.


How do you combine sports with business?

I use “parables”.  Lots of short stories that get straight to point and bring to life the fact that sports demonstrate real life experiences.

What makes a successful team? 

Loyalty, being specific, aggressiveness, finishing what you start, and thinking beyond the

traditional thought and leadership that convinces the team that the rewards of success are worth the effort.


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