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Interview with Samson Williams

Speaker Samson Williams is a classically trained anthropologist and a finance expert. Samson delivers insights into topics such as FinTech and crowdfunding in plain English to clients ranging from investors and government officials to small children and c-suite executives. In addition, he is partner at Axes and Eggs, a blockchain and cryptocurrency think tank. Learn more about him in this interview!

What got your interested in blockchain?

In 2015, when I was working at Fannie Mae, the CISO, Anthony Johnson told me three things that changed my life. 1 Get on linkedin. 2 Wear better socks. 3 Buy bitcoin. The rest is, as they say, history. Now I have a mean sock game.


What’s it like working at a think tank?
When your tag line is “We answer the questions you can’t google” things can get difficult rather quickly. Fortunately, we have wicked smart people, who literally can answer the questions google can’t.


What are your biggest goals in your life/career currently?

Axes and Eggs is launching blockchain classes in 9 countries in MENA (Middle East North Africa) as well as Mauritius, Cambodia and potentially the far and exotic New Hampshire. Most excited about the New Hampshire initiative as it is the first time we’ll be hosting any public blockchain classes in America. This is a big deal because we believe blockchain education is needed first and foremost. Cause once you understand what it is, sorta how it works, and the impact blockchain will have for the next 3 decades, then you can make a decision about what you want to do. Whether its investing, building or adopting blockchain, you first just need to know the basics and be comfortable making an intelligent decision around it. So, we see lots of opportunity for that, even in the USA.


What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

Validation. Not personal validation but thought validation. If you want to be a thought leader people have to know what you think. And as a thought leader you should either be leading people to personal and business epiphanies or profits. Otherwise, why should they follow you? So, as a thought leader my goal is to help unlock levels of self awareness that were previously closed and help strengthen existing revenue streams while opening up opportunities for additional lines of income.

If someone has taken the time to come listen to me speak, at the very least it needs to be time and money well spent. I’m knocking it out the park when they walk away more profitable and inspired. So public speaking is immediate validation. Cause when you’re in front of a few hundred experts and interested people, they’ll let you know immediately if you’re inspiring them or just wasting their time.


Who or what inspires you?

My mom. My nieces and nephews and my kids, that I’ve yet to have. Funny story, I have a bunch of domains registered for when I have kids. For instance for my name I have www.samsonwilliams.com registered. So for the kids I’ve yet to have, I have their names registered too. Why? Well one day I hope they can look at what I’ve done and built and feel inspired to follow in my footsteps and then take it to the next level. So, when they’re ready to take that step, at a minimum they’ll have their domains.


Describe yourself in 3 words

Time traveling dreamer.

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