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Sandro Forte

Interview with Sandro Forte

Sandro Forte opens up about his experiences as an entrepreneur and as a speaker. He shares information on why his keynotes are unique and beneficial. Read on below.

What is the most amazing experience you have had as a speaker?

The 2000 MDRT Annual Conference in San Francisco. Speaking in front of 7000 attendees it was my first really big event. Nervous doesn’t go close to describing how I felt!

Since then I’ve spoken to bigger audiences and been to some fabulous places but that was my first taste of the ‘big time.’


How are your keynotes unique?

EVERY presentation is created to meet the exact requirements of the engaging organisation. I am not a speaker who turns up with a ‘take it or leave it’ standard presentation. Every business is unique so each have different requirements and objectives. I believe it is important anything I offer reflects those needs.

My workshops carry a results guarantee too!


When did you realize that you wanted to run your own business?

In 1989. I left university and got a job working for a family friend. Within six months I’d decided I never wanted anyone to dictate how much I earned or what I was worth. I have always believed that the only way to achieve things of significance is to have the freedom, flexibility and motivation to make it happen.


What are some of the key elements necessary for peak performance?

I’ve never yet met a successful person who lacked a string work ethic (hard work gets you a long way) and courage to do the things everyone else makes excuses about. Action is key: take an idea and put it into practice. Without delay.


What type of audience benefits most from your keynotes?

I cover a whole range of topics so, actually, the answer is ANY audience.

My strengths lie in sales; creating differentiators; customer service; self motivation; overcoming obstacles and barriers and management/coaching.

But the basic principles of success can easily be applied to any individual, group of people or whole organisations – from a 20 minute keynote to a two day interactive workshop.


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