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Interview with Scott Burrows

Inspiring storyteller and speaker Scott Burrows delivers success strategies to help your organization stand up to any challenge. By embracing adversity and ongoing change. Learn more about him in this interview!

Who or what inspires you most?
– My fiancé, Kim Fedele. She humbles me.
– Art Berg who inspired me not to give up pursuing a speaking career


Have you had any particularly memorable experiences during your speaking career?
My round the world trip. One company flew me 1st class around the world to do 3 speaking events. Gone 1-month. Started in San Francisco, then the Gold Coast of Australia, then Prague. Lots of downtime and site seeing between events including a few extra days in Hong Kong


What are 3 habits you think are important for achieving success?
– You have to know what you are fighting for – Vision
– You have to focus on what you can control as opposed to obsessing what you cannot change – Mindset
– You have to be willing to discipline yourself daily when it comes to reaching any goal, regardless of the little things you have to do and as tedious as they may appear and especially when all else beckons you to give in or maintain the status quo. – Grit


What has been the most difficult obstacle you overcame?
– Being paralyzed from the chest down at the age of 19. Physically paralyzed.
– Experiencing divorce at the age of 47. Emotionally paralyzed.


How do audiences typically gain from your keynote presentations?
It really depends on what is happening in their life and the challenges they are facing. One person may take-away one thing and another something completely different. I’m sharing that because I have had multiple experiences like this and the outcome is always the same. I had one guy watch me speak 4 times over 1 ½ years to different sales groups around the country within his company. At the end of the 4th event, he introduced himself. He said, this is the 4th time I’ve seen you, I said, wow, that’s great, but I hope I didn’t bore you with the same presentation. He said, are you kidding me? I took something completely different away from your talk each time. It had to do with what was happening in my life in those moments. It was impactful.


How much does humor factor into your talks?
A lot. I use my story as the backdrop to my keynote presentation. The humor gives my audience time to breath, digest and absorb.



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