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Interview with Sean Conway

Adventurer and endurance athlete Sean Conway gives inspiring motivational speeches and talks about his own adventures. In this interview, he reveals what inspires him, why he decided to turn his life around, and why you should Find Your Beard.

Extreme endurance athlete Sean Conway has inspired many with his impressive achievements. Personally, he finds inspiration in anybody who goes their own way: “Anyone who’s dared to be different and attempt the ‘impossible’ – that’s what inspires me. People pushing their body and mind far beyond what they thought possible.”


Sean Conway’s favourite part of his speaking career is closely tied to this: “Getting emails from people saying that after they heard me talk they went off and had an adventure of their own. That’s the best part. Helping people realise they can do more than they think, and hopefully my stories make them realise we are all stronger, both physically and mentally, than we think.”


His own adventurous lifestyle came about as the result of a materialistic life that, as he says, made him miserable. Longing for a challenge, he decided to turn his life in a drastically different direction, vowing to “focus on experiences and fill my life with memories rather than things.” His philosophy “Find Your Beard,” which encourages others to find their inner courage and dare to be bold, comes from the second meaning of the word ‘beard’ – “to boldly confront or challenge.” Says Sean, “My beard inadvertently had been the noun for the way I had been living my life.  I now want everyone to go out there and boldly confront or challenge something. No matter how big or small.”


Always looking to push the bar and challenge himself, Sean is now planning a 4500 mile long Iron Man Triathlon. “That’s all I can say right now. Watch this space.”


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