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Shaun Smith

Interview with Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith opens up about his most popular keynotes, the importance of being bold and different, and some of his most amazing experiences. Read on below.

What are some of your most popular keynotes?

‘Bold- how to be brave in business and win’ and ‘Managing the customer experience- turning customers into advocates’.  As we are emerging from the recession many organisations are trying to differentiate themselves and grow their top-line through improving the customer experience and introducing innovative digital marketing techniques.


How do you work with clients when preparing for a keynote?

I usually follow these steps:

  • An initial briefing with the client where I seek to understand the context, key objectives, primary messages and relevant examples
  • A draft outline which I share with the client and get feedback on before refining
  • A detailed presentation that I share and get approved
  • I also like to sit in on earlier sessions to tune into the audience and the culture.

I am also very happy to record a short ‘teaser’ video that the client can use to promote the event.


Why is it important to be bold and different?

Because consumers have so much choice now that being bland and the same as your competitors is a recipe for decline.


How does humor factor into your keynotes?

I enjoy telling stories of interesting brands and customer experiences that the audience find amusing and can relate to.


What is the most amazing experience you have had as a speaker?

I was invited to give a key-note speech for a client during the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. So I spoke in the morning, went skiing in the afternoon and went to a film premiere that evening with the conference delegates which was tremendous fun.


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