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Interview with Shereen Eltobgy

Learn more about Shereen Eltobgy’ keynotes, happiness, and her thoughts on Scandinavia. Read her interview with A-Speakers below.

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?

I read about the client’s passion, purpose and values so that I can speak to their hearts and minds. I look for ways to relate our speaker topics to their world and what matters to them (WIFM)!

What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

I find great joy and inspiration in inspiring others and in planting seeds that may serve them in their path. We will never know the impact we can have on someone’s journey. Speaking feels to me like another avenue for allowing energy and creative ideas to move and infuse people with what they need for their journey.

Why do you think Scandinavian countries are ranked so high on happiness rankings?

Because they prioritize the individual, wealth is distributed, education is honored, safety is high and people do not have to worry about their basic needs (think Maslow’s Hierarchy). They are freed up to pursue the top half of Maslow’s pyramid – Happiness, Purpose, Self-Realization, etc.

Why is happiness an important value for companies?

Everything is energy.  When people are in a place of high energetic resonance, they are at their best.  You can call it happiness, love, peace, harmony etc.  It’s the ultimate alignment within yourself where you can do and BE your best.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Barcelona!!! But I will need to learn Spanish to do that 🙂

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