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Interview with Sherry Roberts

A true entrepreneurial spirit, Sherry Roberts is founder and CEO of The Longest Stay, a successful online interior design magazine and boutique that showcases the finest designs and style from around the world. In this inspiring interview with A-Speakers, she reveals the importance that validation has for success, and gives her best tips for entrepreneurs wishing to create an authentic and meaningful brand.

Who or what inspires you most?

Self made people that have a big vision for their life, have had difficulties and still make a difference in the world.


Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?

When I spoke at the United Nations about the new resolution for International Women and Girls in Science and gave my contribution to over 2 million viewers and 65 countries in the audience.


What types of results do clients experience after your programmes & keynotes?

They feel inspired. I get that time and time again. And they feel they can do what they want and also learn about the reality of being an entrepreneur.


What role has validation had for the development of your career success?

If I didn’t validate my business concept The Longest Stay I would have failed. Meaning if I didn’t give it the time, testing and to really go deep to find the problem I solved I would have launched something superficial and spent my whole time correcting it. Many of my competitors have done this.


Can you give 3 tips for budding entrepreneurs wishing to create an authentic and meaningful brand?

1) Be consistent with how you communicate it to your employees, external partners, and customers.
2) Keep the values of the brand consistent with the way you treat employees, external partners and customers

3) Extend your brand into charity work that represents your personality

If you have a person or a founder that can also bring that brand to life, make sure he or she is also marketed equally – Richard Branson did a huge success with this strategy.


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