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Interview with Steve Arneson

Learn more about Steve Arneson, his keynotes, and how you can achieve better leadership. Read on below.

How do you prepare for a keynote speech?

I try to do as much research on the company as possible.  I always do a phone conference with leaders ahead of time, to get a sense for the current issues facing the company, to learn more about the culture, etc… then I tailor my remarks accordingly.


Can you provide 3 aspects that are crucial for successful leadership?

I think leaders have to “point the way” – that’s their first task.  So # 1 is setting the vision and strategy.  # 2 is listening – great leaders listen well, and this is not an easy skill to master.  # 3 is setting a high standard for performance.  Being really focused on outcomes and results, not just process.  Holding people accountable, and establishing a tradition of winning and excellence.


What kind of leadership/talent management have you created and why is it important for companies to have these?

My belief is that you have to have good people management systems – and two are critically important; performance management, and Talent Review.   You have to be able to evaluate the what and the how for each employee, and you have to know where your stars are in the organization, so you can accelerate their development.


Do you have some examples of what leaders must never do?

Well, there are a lot of things that leaders should never do… first and foremost, of course, is they should never lie or hide the truth.  Integrity and honesty are a must.   Leaders must also never ask people to do things they themselves are unwilling to do.  Finally, leaders should never forget where they came from.  No one is born as the CEO – keep your humility, and try to see the best in people.


What type of audience benefits most from your keynotes?

My keynotes and workshops work best with groups of managers or leaders.  My expertise is helping leaders to self-develop… so an audience of leaders who want to improve their leadership and take their teams to the next level is my perfect audience!


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