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Interview with Tumi Frazier

In this interview with A-Speakers, Tumi Frazier discusses her keynotes, past clients and the reason her keynotes are so popular and inspirational. Read on below.

What types of clients have you worked with in the past?

  • Large multinational corporations such as KPMG, Fluor and American Chamber of Commerce
  • Large local companies: South African Airways, South African Broadcasting Corporation, Airports Company, Banks
  • Various Government Departments
  • Business Schools and Universities
  • Small enterprises.


What is your most popular keynote?

Change Resilience


Why should clients use you for their next event?

My unique ability to motivate and inspire audience to positive action is the highlight of any event.

I provide audiences with competencies they can apply immediately and comprehensive education in what they need to know to remain competitive.

I am an excellent communicator and appeal to a broad audience, from the President of a large organization right to university students. My messages are structured to relate to the level of the audience.

I also have an ability to combine solid content with practical, humorous and dynamic delivery.


How do you use your personal story in your keynotes?

I use my personal story as a source of inspiration, hope and encouragement. We all have potential to achieve greatness despite our background, circumstances or odds that may be against us. It is not the conditions of our lives that will determine our destiny but the decisions we make about how our lives are going to be.


What do you hope to achieve with your keynote presentations?

To empower others with the knowledge and tools they require to succeed in their personal and professional lives

To assist individuals and organizations with personal and organizational development interventions to improve accountability and committment so as to cultivate high performance culture.


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