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Interview with Victor Mids

Victor Mids is one of the world’s first neuromagicans. In his interview with A-Speakers, he reveals the only person who cannot be manipulated by him. Read more below.

How did you discover your passion for magic?

I started doing magic when i was only 4 years old and my mother gave me my first magic kit.


Have you ever met somebody whose senses could not be fooled?

My girlfriend, she’s the only one who is immune for my illusions 🙂


What does your audience gain from your performance?

Insights in how perception works, and the joyful experience of wonder.


What is the most interesting experience that you had in your career?

Performing for the king of the Netherlands. That was a great pleasure.


Why should clients use you for their next event?

Neuromagic is a totally new concept and the only magic act in the world where Neuroscience meets illusions. After all, I combine my medical background with my magic skills.


Learn more about Victor Mids here!

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