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Interview with William Higham

William Higham is a leading authority on evolving consumer behaviors who consults industry leaders and major corporations on future trends and strategic decision-making. In this interview with A-Speakers, he shares his views on the new Smart Consumer, and gives his best tips for leaders wishing to futureproof their business.

How are your keynotes and presentations unique?

I show my audience how their customers are changing now and will do in future: and what their new needs, behaviours and expectations will be. I use a mix of approaches to (i) inspire my audiences to think more strategically and (ii) provide practical advice they can use as soon as they return to their offices.


What types of results do clients experience after your programmes and keynotes?

I help take the guesswork out of planning: clients leave my talks able to create more effective, future-proofed strategies.


What do you gain personally from being a public speaker?

I get to talk to people from across a range of industries and discover what’s exciting and worrying them.


What are Smart Consumers, and how are they changing the market?

Smart Consumers is what I call the new, 21st Century consumer. Like Smartphones and Smart Homes, Smart Consumers have access to more information, have more power and are more connected than traditional consumers. Nowadays, Smart Consumers and their needs are much more likely to dictate changes in an industry than brands are.


Can you give three tips for leaders looking to futureproof their businesses?

1) Read up on developments outside of your own industry.
2) Create a Change Culture in your company, so you are able to adapt quickly to any new developments.
3) Try to understand what motivates your customers, how that’s changing and what that means for your business.


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