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Interview with The Nordic Schools

In the interview The Nordic Schools give insight into their knowledge about the success of the Scandinavian School systems. Read on below.

Could you please summarize in two or three sentences what the Nordic Schools is all about?

We show why Scandinavian schools have such well documented success in creating happy, intelligent and autonomous schoolchildren that value community and relationships. We invite the listeners to understand why social and emotional learning is one of the keys to why we score well in international tests such as Pirls, Timss, ICCS and ICILS.


How did you come up with the idea for this keynote?

School staff all over the world are curious people. They want to learn more about other nations school systems. We thought it was about time that the vikings returned to foreign countries – this time with a pencil in hand!


What does your audience gain from your keynote presentation?

Inspiration from the latest science on learning combined with practical tools for everyday school life.


You are speaking and working as a team, what are the things you appreciate each other the most for?

Rasmus is a brilliant storyteller and has a warm sense of homour. He is an experienced  speaker and can handle any situation and debate. Casper is a very experienced trainer of teachers and is up to date with the latest development in the science of learning. And he knows how to make learning stick!


Do you have a favourite experience from your common speaking career?

We know that we have done well, when teachers come up to us after our keynote and say: ”That really gave me back my love of teaching” or ”You have made me realize how proud I am to be at teacher!”


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