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life lessons

Written by Dr. Marie Charles

If you are going through hell, keep going.  Never give up.


We only have 600,000 hours in our very short lives, before we are inevitably consigned to entropic oblivion, so it is important to make them all count.


Choose your life partner very carefully.  It is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.  Ensure that he or she is willing to unreservedly support your life ambitions no matter how extreme or humble these may be.


When interacting with remote native tribes, where the entire wealth of the village may be limited to just one goat, it is worth remembering that the most generous people on earth are often those who have the least.


With regard to employees, don’t ever carry any “dead wood” under any circumstances. Hire the very best people that you can possibly employ, and then empower them to absolute excellence.


If you find yourself kidnapped by murderous rebels in West Africa, always look them in the eye, don’t ever cower.


In business, as in life, always take personal responsibility and risks in equal measure.


Monkey brains, monkey eyeballs, crocodile, snake, larvae, cockroaches, and insects don’t taste as bad as you might think.


If you are not failing you are not trying hard enough.


No matter if you are being attacked by a local tribal warlord or a larger business competitor, always stand up to bullies.


If you walk into a house that has no books, turn around and walk out again immediately.


Ask your favourite charity what their plan is to put themselves out of business.


A black dress always looks better with heels. Always!


Human flesh is not zebra no matter what it says on the menu.


Entrepreneurs, like leaders, are born and cannot be made.


In both, disruptive international business in the world’s largest financial capitals, and saving millions of lives every year throughout the developing world across 4 continents, always have a little chat with the local “witchdoctors” first.


Some places really do have a pall of evil


Require courage and loyalty from all your friends and employees at all times. There is no exception to this rule ever.


When being shot at you can take cover behind the engine block of a car.


Falling into a sea of floating human effluence in your best work dress in front of esteemed colleagues from all over the world, is an excellent opportunity to hone one’s leadership skills.


If you are being robbed at gunpoint by Maoist rebels, don’t forget to ask for a receipt.

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