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Marketers, Tear Down These Walls! – A New Book By Michael Solomon

Consumer behaviour expert and marketing specialist, Michael Solomon, recently published his new bookMarketers, Tear Down These Walls!: Liberating the Postmodern Consumer. 

Marketers, Tear Down These Walls is about the modern consumer and how to keep up with the constantly changing behaviour and identities. In this thought-provoking book Michael Solomon challenges the idea of the modern consumer and discusses the walls and categories that no longer exist. The modern consumer is sick of labels and boxes. The modern consumer changes his or hers identity faster than a chameleon changes color. 

Michael Solomon is a consumer behaviour strategist. He is a marketing expert with an in-depth understanding for any imaginable product. A highly sought after keynote speaker, he delivers state of the art results to his clients and engages in a charismatic manner with the attendees of his talks.