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New Book: Europe and the End of the Age of Innocence

Our talented speaker and author Francesco Bongiovanni has released a sequel to his acclaimed book “The Decline and Fall of Europe“.

Timely and insightful, Fransesco’s new book “Europe and the End of the Age of Innocence” quickly rose as #1 in its category in Amazon.fr sales. It’s no wonder – since 2012 Europe has been confronted with new, unexpected game-changing challenges. European open-societies are under threat and fragmenting – everyone’s wondering will Europe remain?

The main thesis of this new book is the trilogy of Islamization/unwanted mass immigration/jihadism in Europe, which gave rise to the resurgence of the nationalist far right and has torn Europe apart. Francesco writes his books based on meticulous factual research so that they are balanced and devoid of ideological bias, and you can really understand what is going on in an age where information is constantly manipulated by media and governments alike.

Trump, Brexit, terrorism… “Europe and the End of the Age of Innocence” covers all of these topics.

You can read more about Francesco’s books on his website.


Endorsements of “Europe and the End of the Age of Innocence” 

“The European Union’s mood has improved as its economies pick up, the euro crisis fades, migration and terrorism fears pass and even Brexit no longer provokes concern. In his new book, Francesco Bongiovanni warns against complacency. The gap between Europe’s elites and its citizens is glaring; north-south and east-west tensions persist; the euro and migration crises could easily return. All this makes plans to build a united states of Europe wholly unrealistic. His gloomy message should be heeded, especially in Brussels, Berlin and Paris.”

John Peet, Political Editor, The Economist

“Severe but necessary. An extreme lucidity that should bring Europe, through its ever-closer union, to political initiatives able to safeguard its traditional values and new common interests in the midst of an inescapable universal revolution.”

Georges Berthoin, (Former chief of staff of Jean Monnet – a founding father of  Europe -, former High Representative of the European Economic Community with the United Kingdom)

“Europe—as presently constructed—is no longer fit for purpose. With his trademark style, Bongiovanni takes an unflinching look at what led the continent to this moment. Do not read this book if you’re optimistic about Europe’s future—but read this book if you care about that future.”

Ian Bremmer (president and founder of Eurasia Group, leading global political risk research and consulting firm)

“Francesco Bongiovanni’s “The End of the Age of Innocence” presents an unsettling but coherent view of Europe’s future.  It is a view which is not usually heard in polite European circles but one which is often heard privately. Bongiovanni worries about what he sees as a fight for the soul of Europe.”

George Yeo, (Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of The Republic of Singapore)

“Bongiovanni is right: the West in general doesn’t seem to know anymore what it stands for or where it wants to go. Europe is particularly lost and adrift. This book provides a valuable and timely wake-up call. Europeans ignore it at their own peril.”

Kishore Mahbubani, (Dean, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy NUS,  author of “Has the West lost it? A Provocation” (Penguin UK).”)

“A brilliant reconstruction of an inevitable disaster or a doomsday interpretation of the Union’s future? The analysis goes to the roots of the socio-economic European malaise that threatens our common dream, the salvation of which desperately requires acts of political bravery“

Leonardo Maisano, (European affairs commentator)