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Ahmad Zeki

Leadership & Motivation Speaker
Country: USA

Speaker Ahmad Zeki is an expert in topics like leadership, success and motivation. He is a personal life coach and professional development consultant as well as an experienced international keynote speaker. Ahmad is able to transform your organization and help you achieve great results. 

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Ahmad Zeki has a bachelor in Political Science from the University of Washington at Seattle in 2002 and in 2008, he graduated from Concord Law School, Los Angeles. Keynote speaker Ahmad Zeki is an experienced coach and consultant. Ahmad typically helps individuals and organizations reach their full potential and become successful by improving their communication, productivity and motivation to make a difference and give it 100%. Leaders can learn effective leadership skills and tools as well as strategic ways to build and maintain strong relationships with clients, customers and partners.

As a speaker Ahmad Zeki is educating and entertaining. With his extensive experience in consulting, he knows how to approach and solve the issues and challenges many organizations face from time to time. He provides practical tools and advice that doesn’t just sound good in the moment, but that will truly make a difference. Ahmad customizes his keynotes to the specific audience and event.

    Speaker Ahmad Zeki Keynote Topics

    • Mental Toughness
    • Motivation
    • Success
    • Leadership
    • Inspiration
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