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Alan Moore

Speaker on organisational transformation
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Alan Moore is on a mission to create beautiful businesses. He has a unique view and creative ideas as to how we will break free of restrictive patterns and create beautiful services, products, workplaces and experiences. Beautiful businesses are our future and Alan’s wisdom is valuable for any business.

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Speaker Alan Moore offers unique and creative insight on alternative ways of working and existing. A better way. A beautiful way. A beautiful business is attractive to investors, employees and other stakeholders; they’re inspiring, authentic and innovative. Alan believes all businesses can find their inner and outer beauty – but some might need to change the way they think about business.

Alan is the author of many books including international best-seller “No Straight Lines” where he joins up the dots of what he calls our non‐linear world and tries to make sense of it all. It is dictated by what we make, who we make it with and why we are motivated to do it in the first place. Alan is often featured in both national and international media like The Huffington Post, BBC and The Guardian.

Alan Moore, who also describes himself as a craftsman of beautiful businesses, believes that creative entrepreneurial expression is crucial in bringing new value and beautiful businesses into our world. As a speaker Alan Moore is informative, inspiring and brings nothing but innovative ideas to the table. He has worked with huge successful companies like Microsoft and Coca Cola.

    Keynote by Speaker Alan Moore 

    Beautiful Leaders

    • Insight into how businesses and their marketplace will look in the future.
    • Why purpose led businesses are more successful
    • Explore what beautiful leadership looks like
    • How ethical businesses yield high financial returns
    • Why quick-fix leadership creates ugly outcomes
    • How to build and lead a design led business that delivers meaning, purpose and integrity
    • How beauty as a lens can help investors make better decisions.


    Keynote by Speaker Alan Moore

    Beautiful Makers

    • Why beauty as a philosophy and practice helps us craft better things that endure
    • How meaningful consumer experience plays a key role in commercial success
    • How to code beauty and design beautiful AI
    • Discover how beautiful business scales
    • Insights into how to design a restorative, successful business
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