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Customizing your business culture with Alan O'Neill


Alan O’Neill MBA

travels from Ireland

Transform and inspire your people & organisation to drive change and build a high-performance customer-centric culture with The Change Agent - Alan O'Neill.

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Known as “The Change Agent”, Alan has over thirty years of experience from the front line to the board room supporting high profile brands to achieve amazing results. In a dynamic world, he knows what it takes to drive change in a business – from top to bottom… and back to front. It’s about having a Customer-centric Culture, Engaged People, and a Supercharged Sales effort

Why book speaker Alan O’neill?

  • He is patient. Speaker Alan takes the time with each of his clients to truly customize his keynotes. He assures that he has an understanding of your event and the audience in advance. In his pre-event call, he ensures that his content, structure, and delivery is specialized for your event through you and your audience members.
  • He is committed. Speaker Alan’s offering doesn’t just end at the keynote, he offers Masterclasses, and he is a reoccurring guest as a consultant. His offering extends well beyond his keynotes.
  • He is pleasurable. Alan’s background in hospitality & retail is extensive, and the execution of the Selfridge’s conversion to online is iconic. The story, the legend of the store, plus the DEPTH of detail required to overhaul that platform is an entertaining and amazing success story. Not to mention speaker Alan’s Irish wit (and accent) make it a delight to listen to.

Change is all about people and culture, and one sector, in particular, that has probably seen more disruption than any other is retail. Alan’s expertise & involvement in the Selfridges story is one that resonates across all industries. Alan was the lead consultant that navigated Selfridges through the significant change of ‘bricks only’ to ‘clicks and bricks’ . Up to 2004, Selfridges was a sleeping giant – but is now officially the best department store in the world and one of the most profitable.

It is this unrivaled business acumen that has seen Alan chair and speaks at conferences around the world and conducts master-classes with C-Level executives. He asks hard and uncomfortable questions, e.g., Should you refresh your culture to prepare for emerging global challenges? How will you overcome cynicism and resistance to change? How do you overcome complacency and lack of accountability? How will you differentiate with a customer-experience culture? How do you retain the best talent? How do you increase sales in a challenging and disruptive global market?

Alan will adapt his countless stories, business models, and real-life case studies in his specialist topics…and with every engagement, Alan takes time to understand the brief, the objectives, the challenges… also builds empathy before meeting his audience. Energetic, passionate and engaging. Alan will leave your audience with thoughts & ideas that are guaranteed to provoke, inspire and give hope.



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Speaker Alan O'Neills Keynote

Dare to Change

How to overcome resistance to change and embrace it as a new norm.

  • Change is the new reality and it’s coming at you in many ways. It might be prompted by external forces, such as technological, economical, sociological or even political. But make no mistake – your suppliers, competitors, customers and your own people are changing too.
  • Alan knows what it takes to drive and to own the change in a business. Across numerous industries, he has facilitated and led many large blue-chip companies through change, overcoming natural resistance along the way.
  • Alan will show you the practical and proven steps to navigate change. He will share best practices and outline practical strategies for managing change.
Speaker Alan O'Neills Keynote

Premium is the New Black

Excellence in Customer Service and Experience is the new battle-ground!

  • Based on Alan’s new Book “Premium is the New Black”, the key principle at the core of this engaging keynote is how to ensure your customers have consistently great experiences – making them more likely to buy from you repeatedly and become strong advocates for your brand.
  • Customer service drives sales. While that is obvious, we don’t all do it. In this economic and fast changing environment, many organizations are struggling to differentiate with product – in the way that they might have done in days gone by. The clever ones however, realize that they can differentiate by ensuring their customers have an amazing experience; they Customerize their Business!
  • In a time where traditional business models collide with new-world digital and omni-channel strategies, excellence in customer experience is the new battleground. We all want the same thing… we want customers to buy today… to come back again… and to refer us to a friend. Great customer satisfaction is the key driver of that.
Key note by speaker Alan O'neill

High- Performance Culture

Fast-track your business results with a customer-centric, high-performance culture.

  • If as Peter Drucker says, “culture eats strategy for breakfast” – then it’s time to set the table! With a great culture and an engaged workforce, you can take on the world. Others might copy your strategy – but no one can copy your culture. Because culture is about mindset, attitudes and behaviors. It’s the software of the mind!
  • Strategy guides you on what you will do… structure defines who will do it… but it is your culture that determines how you will do it. Too often, organizations miss this, yet it is the golden thread that binds it all together. If you want to fast-track your business results with proven culture concepts, you need to renew your ideal culture.
Keynote by speaker Alan O'neill

Get Ready for the New World of Retail

Retail is changing rapidly and becoming even more complex. As an industry, it has probably seen more disruption than almost every other sector. The advancing perfect storm of ferocious on-line competition; changing customer expectations and the infiltration of digital into traditional stores – is a new dynamic. For traditional retailers, coping with that is an ongoing challenge.

  • From food to fashion, luxury to mass, big box to multiple site, and travel retail to the high street, Alan has supported many iconic retailers over 20 years. He will reveal to you the secrets of their success in a way that you can learn from and adapt for your business.
  • Three times winner of the award for being the best department store in the world… and one of the most profitable (per m²), Selfridges in particular is an amazing success story. Alan was the lead consultant that navigated Selfridges through significant change from ‘bricks only’ to ‘clicks and bricks’. Alan can share his insights and how he supported them to achieve their ambition.
  • And even if you’re not a retailer, it’s a sector that every business can relate to and learn from because of their sense of urgency, their focus on the customer and of course their commercial savvy.
Learn how to change with your consumers

Watch Alan O'Neill in action.

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In my 35 years retail experience Alan is top of the league. I was also very fortunate to be mentored by him for sometime. A fantastic experience. If he offers this to you then you only need two words. Yes please!

Peter Larkin

Senior Operations Manager, Alshaya|Egypt

“We in the motor industry believe that we can learn a lot from the world of retail. Alan made that clear.

SVP, Mercedes

“Alan, your keynote was excellent – it was pitched and presented just right and got the conference off to a great start."

Donnie Tantoco

Rustan Commercial Corporation and Board Member of APRCE

“We put it up to Alan to deliver a keynote that would really help our members be more professional. He was excellent and we want now want to roll it out to our members.”

Director, VFI
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