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Alexander Misurkin

Russian Cosmonaut
Country: Russia

Keynote speaker Alexander Misurkin provides motivational talks, drawing upon stories from his cosmonaut training, as well as his space flight and space walks. His presentations use photos and videos taken during the space flight and preparation for it. Prepare to be transported to the stars by the amazing speaker Alexander Misurkin.

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Alexander Misurkin is a renowned cosmonaut. He is a hero of the Russian Federation and a 1st class pilot instructor.

When he’s not busy with space exploration, Alexander actively participates in charity projects. Currently Alexander is working together with an international art project called “The Space Suit“. The project is a form of art therapy, which began in the leading US cancer research center MD Anderson. During his mission to the International Space Station, Alexander Misurkin will perform his extravehicular activities in a spacesuit hand-painted by children from Russian cancer centers.

You can learn more about Alexander in this video:

    Speaker Alexander Misurkin Keynote Topics

    • Being successful
    • Trust and responsibility as factors of effective work
    • Team building and leadership
    • Space flight and preparations to the flight
    • Space tourism today
    • Where are we from? Are we alone in the Universe? Interesting observations.
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