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Amy Lynch

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Generations researcher and motivator recognized as The founder of Generational Edge, and author of GEN IQ

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5 out of 5 stars

"Amy did an OUTSTANDING job in presenting the workshop materials. Here content was great and she was very engaging!! We received a number of very positive comments from participants."

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Our keynote speaker Amy Lynch tailors her talks from experience. She has built businesses, grown them and sold them. Along the way, she managed - and was managed by - 4 different generations. She brings a hard-won insight along with been-there humor to every keynote. An entrepreneur, stand-up comic and former triathlete, Amy brings GEN IQ to life, helping brands and organizations build the Generational Intelligence essential in an age of acceleration.

The keynote speaker Amy Lynch pioneered the study of GEN IQ, a system of do-it-today strategies for leading, marketing and innovating during change and disruption. Amy’s clients apply her techniques and strategies in their businesses every day. With her finger on the pulse of generational demographics and dynamics, Amy blends case studies, stories and cutting-edge research to deliver fresh perspectives on the constantly evolving generations in the workplace and in the marketplace.

Above all else, Amy is an advocate for every generation, believing that only by awakening and honing the gifts of all generations one can achieve the breakthrough innovation brands necessary to thrive today.

The founder of Generational Edge, and author of GEN IQ: Generational Intelligence for an Age of Disruption, our speaker Amy Lynch has delivered to hundreds of groups from MTV and Mental Floss to Reynolds, J&J, State Farm, Boeing and the staff of the U.S. Senate. A regular contributor to Entrepreneur magazine, her work has been featured in The Washington Post, USA Today, Boston Globe, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and NBC Evening News, among others.

Amy Lynch holds an M.A. in literature, with an emphasis on cognitive theory. Starting her career as a curriculum designer she moved on to magazine editor and publisher. She has launched and sold publications, and is the recipient of Parents Media Awards and an Utne Alternative Media Award.

Having outstanding achievements, our keynote speaker Amy Lynch has received writer-in-residence grants from Ragdale Foundation, Hambidge Center and the HedgeBrook Foundation.

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    Keynote by Speaker Amy Lynch

    What’s Your Gen IQ? 


    Ready. Set. Disrupt. Are You Ready to Thrive?

    Welcome to the perfect storm. The biggest demographic shift the workplace has ever seen collides with the Digital Revolution. This keynote reveals the critical role of Generational Intelligence–the combined brainpower of all age groups during times of accelerated change–and how to put it to work for you and your company.


    Attendees leave this session able to:

    • Predict and navigate disruption, rather than perpetually reacting to it.
    • Leverage the essential strengths each generation brings to the task of innovation.
    • Employ the trigger words and trigger tone each generation hears best, from brand new Gen Z to seen-it-all-before Boomers.
    • Recognize and master the steps of Gen IQ:   Awareness, Curiosity and Flip Moments.


    Keynote by Speaker Amy Lynch

    Market with Generational Intelligence.


    From Millennial and Gen X to Boomer and Gen Z, each generation listens for its trigger words and signature tone in your brand messaging. If they hear it, you’re in. If not, they look elsewhere. In this interactive session, Amy reveals the crucial values and surprising trends that drive brand relationship and brand loyalty for each generation in your multi-gen market.


    Participants leave this session able to

    • Win the trust of target generations by building the appropriate brand position as ally or authority.
    • Create messaging that leverages the underlying value—individuality, independence or impact—that garners response from each generation.
    • Anticipate and plan for generation-specific objections.
    • Define brand loyalty in the context of generational traits and behaviors.
    • Predict how emerging technologies, cultural trends and major events will impact generational relationships with your brand.


    Keynote by Speaker Amy Lynch

    Don’t Let Generational Conflict Kill Your Innovation.


    Make Innovation Everybody’s Job. Drive Innovation with Gen IQ.

    How can you be nimble enough to thrive when everything keeps changing? Make innovation everybody’s job. Create a multi-generational culture that not only encourages innovation, but requires it. In this interactive session, Amy reveals the conditions that free each generation to take risks, push the limits and create the breakthrough solutions you need now.


    Attendees leave this session able to:

    • Compare and contrast the ways different generations define and approach innovation.
    • Delineate the reasons each generation may fall short regarding innovation.
    • Structure opportunities for input and collaboration—as well as for individual innovation.
    • Make ITO (innovation time out) part of your culture.
    • Create the conditions that free each generation to take risks, push the limits and create breakthrough solutions.


    Keynote by Speaker Amy Lynch

    Unlock Millennial Potential.


    The Hard Costs of Generational Disengagement, and How to Get the Results Your Need from Your Young Workforce

    Young generations come to work with expectations unimaginable a few years ago. They respond to management in ways we don’t expect, unless we’ve figured out how to manage like we mean it. Like we mean for them to contribute, like we mean for them to stay. When we do, this young, collaborative cohort contributes like no other.


    Attendees leave this session able to:

    • Define and appreciate the Millennial mindset about work ethic.
    • Motivate young workers by providing purpose, challenge and ongoing learning.
    • Facilitate the input and collaboration young gens need in order to do their best work.
    • Structure schedules and hours in ways Millennials understand.
    • Enhance loyalty.


    Keynote by Speaker Amy Lynch

    The Disruption of Gen Z 


    Gen Z is Here, and They Are Not Who We Expected.

    Gen Z is entering the workplace at 4.5 million each year. Realistic, resourceful and resilient, they have not been coddled. For these digital natives, network thinking is a given, along with hands-on, DIY values. Zs are builders and fixers, a generation adept at hacking life. If they don’t have a solution, they find one. If they can’t find one, they make one. Don’t expect them to pursue traditional careers so much as forge their own paths–and that means you’ll have to learn to manage differently! This interactive session supplies strategies for attracting, managing and communicating with this surprising generation.


    Attendees leave this session able to:

    • Describe the events and conditions that shaped this resourceful, realistic generation.
    • Predict Z’s likely reaction to organizational culture and policy.
    • Anticipate communication differences and problems between Z and other generations.
    • Create a management style that builds on Gen Z DIY values.


    Keynote by Speaker Amy Lynch

    Elections 2018


    Forget Political Parties. The Real Story is Generations.

    Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime power shift. The 2018 elections signal the end of a Boomer-dominated Congress and the rise of younger generations who reject politics as usual. If Gen X wins a majority in the House this year, they will push for efficiency. Forget right and left, liberal and conservative. Just get it done.

    Meanwhile, 76 million Millennials make up the midterm’s biggest potential block of voters—and most identify as independents. Add 16 million Gen Zs of voting age, and you’ve got a juggernaut at the polls. What do they want? It’s complicated. Millennials lean populist, while Zs are fiscal conservatives but social libertarians. Neither will vote a party line, but they will flock to causes.

    How will all this affect business, and your business in particular?

    Amy brings eye-opening demographic research to this interactive session as she reveals likely industry impact of the upcoming elections. With divisions and dissatisfaction running high this year, the elections will be fascinating to watch—especially if you know how to track the generations in play.

Amy Lynch - video

Amy Lynch - The Problem With Plaques

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Amy did an OUTSTANDING job in presenting the workshop materials. Here content was great and she was very engaging!! We received a number of very positive comments from participants.

Al Cornish

Norton Healthcare

Interview with Amy Lynch

What is the message you hope people take away from your presentations?

The BIG message that I hope audiences take away every time is that no generation is right or wrong, better or worse—just different! I want Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Millennials ALL to leave my presentation feeling GOOD about their skills and contributions and GOOD about the gifts other generations bring to the organization, too!

What has been your favorite experience as a keynote speaker?

So many experiences have been terrific! After one keynote, a woman came up to me and said, “I was never going to hire another Millennial, but I’m better now,” as if she had recovered from some kind of disease! Many times, audience members have said, “I not only understand my team better, I understand my children now.” That NEVER gets old. It’s always touching.

One of my favorite speeches was to the staffers of the US Senate. The room was divided into idealistic Millennials and pragmatic, skeptical Generation Xers. At one point when I asked for comments, a Millennial stood up and looked around and said with absolute sincerity, “Hey, you Xers are not such losers after all.”

Why is it important to take generational differences into account in the workplace?

It’s critical to take generational differences into account because we DO communicate differently, work differently and solve problems differently. If we don’t know what those differences are and how to deal with them, we are doomed to be frustrated and inefficient. We miss out on supportive relationships, innovation and the gratification of shared successes (which is what gets us up in the morning to go to work!)

Who or what inspires you most?

Risk. I am profoundly inspired by people who take the risk of reaching across a generational divide to connect with a people very different from themselves. I’m inspired by Baby Boomers who learn new technology so they can manage off-site teams. I’m inspired by busy Generation X managers who want to-the-point discussions, yet find time to talk with Baby Boomers who need face-to-face meetings. I’m inspired by the many clients I work with who speak the truth to each other in the workplace, even while respecting our generational differences.

How would you describe the millennial generation?

Millennials are collaborative, innovative, confident and FAST. No, SUPERFAST. They talk fast, they grok websites instantly, and they process ideas at the speed of light. Add one more word: idealistic. They want big-picture purpose. Save the planet, build better cars or create ways people can spend time with their families, and Millennials buy in. They flock to companies where they can feel like paid volunteers, joining because they make a difference.

How did you get involved with multi-generational research?

About 15 years ago, I was researching how various cultural trends affect adolescents. The research led me to launch a national newsletter about parenting adolescents, and that led to a job as an editor and researcher at American Girl. After a few years, the young people I’d been researching began entering the workplace and working with other generations. Naturally, I trailed along with my research—and never looked back. I cannot imagine anything any more interesting than watching the generations “discover” each other!

See keynotes with Amy Lynch
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Amy Lynch
Amy Lynch

5 out of 5 stars

"Amy did an OUTSTANDING job in presenting the workshop materials. Here content was great and she was very engaging!! We received a number of very positive comments from participants."

Al Cornish - Norton Healthcare See all references

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