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Andy Pag

travels from Ireland

Engineer, environmentalist & speaker

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Journalist, engineer, adventurer and keynote speaker Andy Pag seeks innovative solutions to the environmental challenges that the world is facing. With experience from countless eco-adventures and expeditions, he gives fascinating keynotes about travel, innovation, and sustainability.

Andy Pag is an engineer and award-winning investigative journalist with a passion for sustainability and a love of big engines. His adventurous spirit has taken him far and wide. He spent twelve years leading vehicle-based expeditions to remote parts of Africa and the Sahara Desert, until he was inspired to change the elements of his life that were unsustainable.

Andy Pag has since experimented with alternative ways of powering his overland journeys. This led to a series of experimental expeditions, including driving around the world in an old school bus that he salvaged from a scrap yard, which was powered by waste cooking oil and turned into a functioning home using reclaimed materials. He has also driven a chocolate-powered lorry to Timbuktu in Mali in the world’s first carbon negative expedition, and organized “Grease to Greece,” a rally for cars fueled on restaurant scraps. Today, Andy Pag is a BBC TV reporter in Northern Ireland, supplying both daily news and hard-hitting investigations.

A thoughtful and entertaining speaker, Andy Pag explores how every environmental eco-adventure he has been on has brought him closer to understanding exactly what sustainability really means, and ever more clues on how to achieve it. He is available for inspirational keynotes, After Dinner or Lunch events, awards evenings, and educational talks. An experienced TV and radio journalist, Andy is also available as a facilitator or host for corporate conferences, seminars and meetings.  

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    Keynote by Speaker Andy Pag 


    • Is it possible to find a practical way to travel sustainably? Andy Pag shares the successes and failures of his entertaining eco-adventures with a thought-provoking and uplifting undercurrent. From turning four tonnes of waste chocolate into fuel for a expedition across the Sahara Desert, to starting a fire under his vehicle to melt frozen cooking oil in the back streets of Tehran, the lessons haven’t always been easy.


    Keynote by Speaker Andy Pag 

    Facing a Challenge & Tough Times

    • Locked up in an Indian prison over a bureaucratic mix-up, facing ten years in jail, sleeping on a cold stone floor sandwiched between a murderer and a squat toilet… Andy Pag’s two-year journey around the world wasn’t going to plan. Mechanical breakdowns of his truck fuelled on chip fat dogged the expedition. It almost came to an end when he ran out of fuel in a country where they don’t eat fries. Andy shares the upsides of the downs in a funny and lively talk that reveals his insights into staying motivated and finding the silver lining.


    Keynote by Speaker Andy Pag 

    Teamwork & Community (Engaging with the World)

    After years of searching for sustainable ways to travel, eco-experimenter Andy Pag embarked on a journey so ambitious, it was bound to end in disaster. Strangely, it didn’t. Andy puts the unexpected success of his drive around the world fuelled by used cooking oil down to the enthusiasm of people for helping out a stranger. He shares tales of generosity and friendship and draws surprising conclusions about the power of Community and embracing difference.

    • Being green
    • Staying motivated in tough times
    • It’s not easy being green
    • Teamwork and engaging with communities across cultures
    • Embracing change
    • Travel & transport
    • Science, technology & engineering
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