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Anthony Stears

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Professional Sales Speaker

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Known by most as The Telephone Assassin, keynote speaker Anthony Stears is on a special mission. He wants to stop people from hiding behind emails and social media and make the business world talk again. Anthony is a fantastic speaker who can teach you how to engage your clients in a simple but effective way & show you why Service Drives Sales.

Professional Sales Speaker and Charismatic Coach

Anthony is the born entrepreneur. Already as a child he started selling his father’s belongings from the own garage and quickly became fond of the idea of making his own money. His initial career as an estate agent has developed far from a classic office-job since then. Now, certain changes in jobs, the opportunity to set up his own business, courage and creativity have permitted him to do what he is passionate about: Cultivating Business Relationships.

In love with the act of selling from a very young age, Anthony learned from his managers and his time working with an NLP master trainer to combine his talents and now brings simple “sales techniques” that prove great customer services really does drives sales.

As a keynote speaker and trainer Anthony wants you to open doors and create more opportunities. Through an individually tailored keynote, he addresses every client’s need and pays a lot of attention to the clients’ wishes.

Anthony shows his audiences how to get in front of more of their ideal customers, and how to get more business from their existing clients. He understands different types of communication styles and regularly delivers Telemarketing Masterclasses, mostly working with business owners, sales departments, account managers and customer service teams. Anthony knows about the importance of prospect management, techniques for closing more appointments, and “the art” of a perfect follow up call.

Anthony can enable you to take control of your conversations and give you the ability to make each call count. He does not simply teach people how to sell, but shows them how to help their customers to buy. Giving his keynote speeches and trainings, Anthony is always highly energetic and of great value to his audience.

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    Keynotes by Speaker Anthony Stears 

    • Telemarketing
    • Customer Service
    • Sales
    • Communication

    Masterclass Topics by Speaker Anthony Stears 

    • Getting past the gatekeeper & perfecting your pitch
    • Building rapport  &  Appointment setting
    • Prospect management  & The art of a perfect follow up call’
    • Account Management & How Service Drives Sales

Interview with Anthony Stears

Can you give 3 tips for a successful cold call?

  • Research the person before you call and have a compelling reason for getting in touch.
  • Get permission to speak at the start of the call, rather than blurting out a “pitch” (this is called premature elaboration).
  • Take final responsibility for the next time you speak.

What do your Masterclasses look like?
Interactive half day workshops, covering all the principles around telephone etiquette, looking at call structures, perfecting your pitch, rapport building tactics, closely questions and much more. From new starters to hardened sales professional, we usually focused on lead generation, account management and customer service.

Who or what inspires you most?
Hearing success stories from clients inspires me most. It’s lovely to hearing the excitement in people’s voices when they tell you all about a call which has led to a great opportunity.

What do you personally gain from being a public speaker?
A stage instead of a soap box. My mission is to get business talking again and stopping people from hiding behind their emails, website and social media. Every time I speak it elevates my profile and inspires more people to pick up the phone.

How much does humor factor into your speaking engagements?
My talks and workshops have be described as “entertainment” as there is often a lot of laughter involved. Laughing at ourselves as we acknowledge our lazy habits, misled assumptions and “mind trash”, it’s important we use humour to help people to face their demons and make a change.

See keynotes with Anthony Stears
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