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Artus de Longuemar

travels from France

Serial Entrepreneur

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Keynote speaker Artus de Longuemar is not only the co-founder of 2 startups but was also an intrapreneur for Fortune 500 companies. Harvard graduate and engaging speaker Artus de Longuemar presents his significant insights into how you can prepare for the digital era. His talks are interactive and full of deep reflections on topics such as the future of business or collective intelligence.


As a serial entrepreneur, speaker Artus de Longuemar is the co-Founder of Bureau Papillon, a startup specialized in applying neuro-cognitive engineering to governance and change management, and Artilion, a luxury fashion brand. In addition, he is the founder of Fulfil, which provides programs to foster autonomous governance and to use AI to benefit individuals and society.
Since 2017, speaker Artus de Longuemar has served as transformation director at Le Lab RH. An ecosystem federating 400 Start-ups, 30 Large Enterprises and 4 Government Institutions.


Prior to founding start-ups, he worked 4 years at Airbus as Transformation Leader. He led one of the first Airbus missions to prepare the arrival of IoT in commercial airliners at only 19 years of age!
At 23, he created and deployed the “manage as a coach” model from board to team leaders for a 1000 employee Airbus division.

Artus graduated from Imperial College and has an MBA from Harvard University. He currently serves on the Boards of the Harvard Club of France, le Lab RH and Ivy Plus European Leaders. Book speaker Artus de Longuemar for an inspiring and entertaining keynote on the digital era and the future of business.

See keynotes with Artus de Longuemar

    Keynote by Speaker Artus de Longuemar

    Enterprise 4.0: the best of artificial intelligence and collective intelligence

    • Tomorrow’s enterprise integrates AI technologies as well as collective intelligence from its employees, clients and business partners. I will show how those intelligences form an integral part of the organizational structure. We will understand how technology guarantees operational performance, customer success and employee empowerment
    • This keynote combines deep reflections with immediately actionable illustrations:
      -How is AI used in 4.0 enterprise daily operations?
      -What does it mean to use technology to ease human collective intelligence?
      -What role do managers play in such organizations?


    Keynote by Speaker Artus de Longuemar

    Trust and our Wi-Fi brains

    • Trusting others directly affects their cognitive abilities. This keynote bridges the latest findings in neurosciences with daily leadership practices.
    • From one to one interactions to organizational design how does trust affects an enterprise ability to perform and to sustain itself? I will provide pragmatic explanations based on years of field experiences and scientific evidence.


    Keynote by Speaker Artus de Longuemar

    Learning how to learn in the digital era

    • In today’s fast changing and uncertain society whoever succeeds is who has the greatest ability to learn. Knowledge validity has become so short that mastery is not about deepest understanding. It’s about the ability to reach sufficient proficiency in minimum time. A habit that requires practice.
    • How do individuals learn how to learn?
      How do groups learn together?
      How can I design my organization for maximum learning capacity?
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