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Learn how to befriend fears for a positive transformation


Barry Moniak

travels from USA

Experienced business consultant and innovative leadership expert helping businesses and organizations to befriend fears

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A devastating back injury brought keynote speaker Barry Moniak, an experienced business consultant, to the profound realization of what is required to develop a winning mindset and the creative courage to befriend the fear of challenge and change. His keynotes shows audience how and why you not just face your fears, but befriend them.

With seventeen years as a Professional Ski Instructor and trainer certifications in martial arts, swimming, lifesaving, scuba, Barry though he was bulletproof. Then following a day on the lake with clients and friends, Barry collapsed in waves of searing pain. His decades of focused strength training and active physical lifestyle had neglected his core muscles leaving Barry debilitated. His focus on secondary and tertiary strength building at the expense of core strength development, had compromised his personal well-being.

Through this experience, Barry came to realise that the same principles that were helping him with his rehabilitation could be transferred to the corporate setting. Individual, interpersonal and organizational core development provides the tools for any individual or organisation to succeed.

End in Mind, Barry’s speaking and consulting firm, takes organization’s core strengths to a level to do better not just more. By focusing on befriending fear as opposed to just facing them, and the workplace is the perfect environment for positive transformation by developing core principles.

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    Keynote by Speaker Barry Moniak

    Befriend Fear of Engagement – Win by Playing the Smarter game with a better team.

    • What is a better team? One that not only faces fear, but befriends its. Businesses that befriend the fear of tough challenges, become exemplary, iconic. These winning organization are created by the ‘befriend fear’ mindset of their leaders and team-mates who are not afraid of losing their personal identity or autonomy to the team.
    • Profitable team cultures that produce better, not just more, begin with kind of leadership. These leaders have personal power, not just position power. These innovative front-runners create mutually reliant relationships between people and processes. They build team trust, an essential component of a profitable, synergistic culture.


    Keynote by Speaker Barry Moniak

    Befriend Fear of Critical Team Thinking – Enhance Team Culture by Challenging preconceived notions

    • Are we willing to challenge others’ thinking? Are we willing to challenge our own? Are we even aware of how and why we think the way we do? Are we afraid to vacate familiar preconceptions that we have always relied on in making vital decisions? Are we untrusting of teammates or afraid to accept who they really are – and how they think?
    • Critical thinking embraces the fear of the unknown. It de-villainizes inherent, even fundamental, differences and actually befriends it. This is how we create a culture that honors and appreciates the unique traits and talents of others.
    • Extraordinary leaders have the wisdom and courage to consider the unique feelings and fears of others without assumption or judgement. This kind of leadership celebrates differences vital to mutually reliant teams and effective, profitable culture.


    Keynote by Speaker Barry Moniak

    Befriend Fear of Real Communication – Say what you have to say – and live to tell about it!

    • When leaders say what needs to be said, not just what people want to hear, they are seen as straightforward, empowering leaders – or jerks. It depends on how they say it, which depends on their people need to hear it. Are we afraid to show up as who we really are? Can we befriend the fear of being genuine and honest?
    • Extraordinary leaders don’t have to choose between being effective or popular – they are both. They take the time to understand others’ feelings and fears. They befriend the fear of differences and challenges to their authority, without assumption or judgement.
    • They build mutually reliant teams that move fearlessly forward, producing synergistic results far greater than the sum of individual efforts. They enhance company culture and bottom line profits. The job gets done and their team still likes them!
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