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Bob the Cat Bevan

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Speaker, MC, Comic, Author and Tv Personality

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Keynote speaker Bob Bevan is probably the first person to be honoured by HM the Queen for after-dinner speaking and has been referred to as "Britain's leading after-dinner speaker" in The Stage. He is additionally the first after-dinner speaker to be chosen for “Who’s Who” which includes “only those who have reached the pinnacle of achievement in their chosen field.” Bob the Cat Bevan is now sought after all over the world.

Speaker, MC, Comic, Author, Tv Personality

Before becoming an entertainer, Bob had a highly successful business career.

His views and expertise continue to be highly regarded and he was recently selected as an Ambassador for the Country of Kent.

After leaving Wilson’s Grammar School in Camberwell, South London, with just the one “O” level, Bob started life as a trainee salesman in builders’ merchants, Nicholls &  Clarke, in the East End of London. His English Language “O” level became useful when he landed a job as a sub-editor on Lloyd’s List & Shipping Gazette, the world’s oldest daily newspaper.

He worked afternoons and evenings on the paper, and spent the mornings earning extra money by selling Kleen-e-ze Brushes door-to-door. “I made more money than I did from the proper job but eventually I was so knackered by the time I got to work I had to give it up.”

Before long he was promoted to Assistant Chief Reporter and started travelling around the world. “It broadened my mind and my stomach” he says. His writing career coincided with the growth in drive-on, drive-off ferries on, a subjet he became quite the expert on. After editing six editions of the Dairy Shorthorn Journal, during his brief period in agriculture, he was headhunted to join Hertford PR Ltd to launch the new brand name Townsend Thoresen Car Ferries.

He spent the next 14 years of his career in a fast track path, as he became the joint owner of HPR before selling out to become PR Director of TT’s parent company European Ferries Plc. He organized countless major events – 16 ship launchings for a start – and was therefore able to add event management to his skills.

In the late 1970’s he was able to lead a successful campaign against the building of the Channel Tunnel and the nationalisation of the Port of Felixstowe which EF had created.

He also had the trauma of handling the aftermath of an air crash involving another of EF’s companies.

By 1983, he had started earning money as an entertainer, so when EF’s chairman was killed in a small plane crash he decided to leave. After leaving he was head -hunted to become PR Director of ASDA. Having already made a decision to go out on his own, he turned down the offer but was still able to earn a fee by providing the company with a blueprint for their future press relations.

As a safety net, he started his own PR company which quickly started attracting major clients such as KLM, Sheraton Hotels and Harcros Builders’ Merchants among others. It even achieved a ranking of being the 70th largest consultancy in the country at one point. To house this operation, he acquired two commercial buildings.

His company lasted the recession in the late 1980’s but when companies started to cut back on PR, he decided to offload the company and spend full-time on his entertaining career which, by then, was well established.

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