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Bob Davies

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Performance coach and one of the top motivational speakers in the US

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High-performance coach and speaker Bob Davies is one of the top motivational speakers in America. Bob believes in growing people, and that through human development and self-improvement, our career and business life will grow and succeed as well. Bob is a highly professional and captivating speaker with past clients like Taco Bell and Arby's.

Keynote speaker Bob Davies has an educational background in health and psychology, and he had a successful career as a college football coach which, certainly, has given him the right tools and experience to coach people in their career and life today. Bob is an expert in the field of human potential and has been a keynote speaker and life coach for more than 35 years. Today, he has become one of the most in-demand motivational speakers in America, and he has changed the lives for thousands of individuals and businesses worldwide.

Bob uses the latest research in biology, physics, and philosophy to ensure that he provides the best and most correct knowledge and advice. Bob has a humble childhood and his family struggled with poverty which has given him personal challenges he has had to overcome. His background has taught him valuable lessons and it allows him to connect deeper with a great number of people. Bob is

As a speaker Bob Davies is dynamic and entertaining. He always gets incredible feedback and recently received a 100% Excellent rating from a speaking engagement! Bob speaks on a variety of topics regarding high performance, human behaviour, reaching goals and well-being, and below are examples of some of his most popular topics. Bob is a must-see keynote speaker and he has spoken at some of the biggest events in the world in front of top leaders and organizations.

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    Keynote by Speaker Bob Davies 

    The 1.2% Factor – How the small change of accountability leads to large results

    • In this keynote, Bob Davies explains how his methodology and a simple yet profound set of actionable steps can help the audience reach their health, business and personal goals.
    • The audience will be able to implement these lessons both for themselves and for others as a system of specific declarations and accountability resulting in elite performance and the ability to achieve declared goals.
    • Whether your audience is looking to succeed personally or professionally, Bob Davies will teach them the tools they need to create the habits they need to have to reach their goals. Stop making excuses and start making sales!

    Keynote by Speaker Bob Davies 

    Coaching Self and Others, Manager as Coach

    • This keynote describes coaching as a relationship that fosters discovery, self-learning, and accountability based on Bob’s experience as a football coach.
    • Bob teaches his audience to use their newly discovered skills to become effective leaders and coaches while engaging with the audience and showing them how to ask effective, powerful questions that reveal previously untapped insights and capabilities.
    • Bob will also give the audience three specific coaching skills that will instantly improve their ability to have an impact in coaching themselves and other people. This unique and innovative approach is unlike anything even the most experienced coach, manager or salesperson has ever seen.
    • After a 30-minute intensive lecture and a 60-minute engaging interactive session, Bob’s audience will leave the event with the expert competency of a seasoned coach, allowing them to lead themselves, and others, toward achieving their goals.

    Keynote by Speaker Bob Davies 

    It’s All Attitude

    • In this interesting talk, Bob explores the sequence of events that leads to success, and how to influence their own perceptions in order to instantly change how they feel, and what they do.
    • Bob simplifies complex scientific terms to show his audience how stress and frustration create barriers that hold people back from accomplishing their goals. By eliminating these factors, the audience will learn that they are the source of all that they experience.
    • By eliminating these obstacles and becoming personally accountable for their own experiences and perceptions, the audience will have the principles needed to access their peak levels of performance, and the actionable steps to achieve the personal and professional results they’ve always dreamed of. This keynote results in peace of mind as the audience learns how to define their own perceptions.

    Keynote by Speaker Bob Davies 

    Wellness for Everyone

    • It seems too good to be true, but through his revolutionary Food Management Program, Bob Davies will finally give your audience the tool they need to successfully lose weight and keep it off.
    • Bob Davies provides what is missing from the weight loss industry: a common-sense approach that will yield results without cravings, hunger or a need for exercise or willpower.
    • This weight loss solution really works; countless people have already used Bob’s approach to lose hundreds of pounds, and Bob himself used it to lose 50 pounds in just a few months.
    • You already know the benefits: a healthier body, enhanced self-worth, and a loose waistband. This exciting presentation is also ideal for your client appreciation or client acquisition event.
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