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Brad Szollose

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Millennial & Generational Leadership Development Expert

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Let a Web Pioneer and Former Dot Com Executive give you the tools to Manage, Market and Sell in The Information Age. Keynote speaker Brad Szollose is the award winning author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia which explores the subject of new leadership styles —mainly how to get the tech-savvy Generation Y and analogue driven Baby Boomers working together.

In his high-content Liquid Leadership programs Brad brings to the platform the award winning management model he developed to motivate and engage a multigenerational workforce.

With humor, humility and some innovative management ideas, Brad Szollose takes your Multi-generational attendees on a journey back in time to the British Invasion, The Disco Era of the 70s and the promise of the Space Age then fast forward through key influences like Star Wars, Child-centric Parenting, Video Games, Computers and The Internet explosion of the 90s—caused by young college graduates who were treated like adults since childhood… creating an adult that thinks more like an entrepreneur than an employee.

Your Audience Will Learn:

• How and why half the population thinks and behaves.
Knowing that alone is half the battle.

• Are YOU a Funnel Thinker or an Amusement Park Thinker?

• How today’s Business Culture was influenced by Gaming Culture

• Getting your CULTURE to be Quest Driven instead of Rule Driven

• How to Retain Talent, and Ignite Engagement while Creating a Lasting Legacy

Brad’s Liquid Leadership is a dynamic approach to everything from developing a creative work environment for innovation to engaging and nurturing a vastly diverse and talent-rich workforce —the key to success in the Information Age.

Brad custom tailors his programs to connect with your audience.

Mr. Szollose also writes a weekly blog on Information Age business management and marketing techniques, as well as a monthly column for A Captured Mind Newsletter as part of the faculty of Tony Rubleski’s Mind Capture Group.

See keynotes with Brad Szollose

    Keynote by Speaker Brad Szollose

    Transforming Your Digital Divide Into an Engine of Innovation

    • Based on his bestselling book Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia, web pioneer Brad Szollose brings to the platform the *award winning management model he developed to motivate and engage a multigenerational workforce.
    • In this high-content program with plenty of humor Brad explores the changes Digital Natives have thrust upon us — disrupting where we play, where we romance and where we pay.
    • Despite all these changes, corporate leaders are still using 20th Century Management Methodologies on Information Age workers…and customers.
    • How can you adapt a new style of leadership quickly and efficiently? Try some Liquid Leadership.
    • * 1996 K2 Design won The Arthur Andersen NY Enterprise Award for Best Practices in Fostering Innovation Among Employees.


    Keynote by Speaker Brad Szollose

    Flashpoint: Lighting The Fire of Inspiration During Not So Inspiring Times

    • As the economy stays bumpy, companies all over the world are scrambling to figure out how to stay alive and thrive.
    • In Brad’s Flashpoint keynote, he takes your audience on a journey of his own life: from being a sickly kid who almost lost his hearing to breaking his ankle during band camp… to entering full contact Martial Arts training at 45 years of age.
    • From the stories of his father who wouldn’t give him an allowance to becoming an entrepreneur at 16—eventually taking a company public on NASDAQ.
    • From tears of joy to laughter, Brad’s stories will make your spirit soar and your belly laugh, and help your audience find the passion to keep going in a not so great times.


    Keynote by Speaker Brad Szollose

    Cracking The Gen Y Code: How do you Manage, Market and Sell to a Generation that Refuses to be Managed, Marketed and Sold To?

    • A Digital Native is an independent thinker, motivated by cool experiences instead of rules and hierarchy.
    • This type of iterative thinker is disrupting every corporation in the world.
    • Exposure to over 20,000 brands by the time they were 6 years of age has created a generation who now IGNORES advertising.
    • So how do you market and sell to them?
    • This is not about technology but about culture and engaging experiences! Understand it and you become an influencer.
    • Time to reinvent what you thought about Marketing and Sales!
    • Customizable for Traditionalists, Baby Boomers AND Generation Y Marketing Pros OR, it can be customized for Gen Y: The Gen Y Guide to Boomer Boomers.


    Keynote by Speaker Brad Szollose

    Liquid Leadership for the C-Level Executive: Are You in The Middle of a Revolution…and Don’t Know It?:

    • Learn the Secret: How To Spot It, Manage It and Reinvent Your Org for the 21st Century!
    • As a former C-Suit Executive for a publicly traded Internet company, Brad sits down with your executive team and/or board in a closed door session for a one hour look at the trends your company is facing, the technology that is eroding your old business model and the mindset of new employees, leaders and consumers.
    • Changes your top execs may not be aware of.


    Keynote by Speaker Brad Szollose

    The Liquid Leadership Essential 7 for The Information Age: Seven Keys To Managing, Motivating and Increasing Output from People Who Refuse to Be Managed!

    • In a 1 or 2 hour (you decide) customized workshop Brad will lead your key people into discussion and exercises designed to get people to adapt their leadership style to your culture, drop generational opinions that cause resistance, build credibility while tapping into each others skill sets and increased productivity.
    • Let’s close the Digital Divide and get the work done!


    More than just an author and keynote speaker, Brad brings together his team for a dynamic transformational set of workshops and keynotes that will give your workforce the tools to be more productive in the Information Age. All programs available in keynote or workshop format and customizable for your audience. Engaging and interactive, Brad includes a Q&A session for each.

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