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Cate Trotter

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Future of Retail Expert

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Retail expert and speaker Cate Trotter was named the 26th most influential professional in retail. Cate speaks about the future of retail and business and is also Head of Trends at Insider Trends. Her keynotes are educating, inspiring and consist of the latest research and knowledge within the retail industry.

“Technology for its own sake adds nothing. Technology is only ever useful when it is used to satisfy human need in better ways.”

Speaker Cate Trotter has helped some of the biggest brands in the world like Chanel, Marks & Spencer, Samsung, Nike, Mercedes and Swarovski discover innovative ways of doing business and creating the best retail ecosystems. Cate was also named in LinkedIn’s top 12 Voices In The UK in 2012 and is regularly featured in big magazines and papers like Forbes. In addition, Cate started two businesses in her twenties which led her to being named a Future 100 and Startup 100 entrepreneur. This background and experience allows her to relate to other startups or entrepreneurs as she knows what a challenge it can be.

Cate Trotter is a very experienced public speaker and is used to present in front of large audiences worldwide. Cate has valuable connections and much experience in the retail world, and through her powerful insights and solid data, she provides her audience with new information that could change their business. Cate is always up-to-date with the latest research and presents it in a way that is easy to follow for everyone.

As a speaker Cate Trotter is passionate, engaging, thought-provoking and to the point. Her keynotes can provide you with the information and insights you need to succeed and get ahead. Cate speaks on a variety of topics and below are examples of her most popular keynotes. She is also happy to customize a keynote presentation to your specific event, audience and organization. Should Cate Trotter not be available for your event, A-Speakers is happy to recommend speaker and senior consultant at Insider Trends, Jack Stratten, as a great alternative.

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    Speaker Cater Trotter Keynote Topics

    Keynote by Speaker Cate Trotter

    Key Retail Trends

    • This retail trend presentation outlines the most important changes ahead for retailers and identifies the long- and short-term actions they can take to get ahead. Each trend is brought to life using inspirational case studies of the businesses leading the way.
    • At each point, Cate highlights how the businesses in the audience can profit from these shifts, revealing insights worth thousands to retail businesses.

    Keynote by Speaker Cate Trotter

    The Future of Technology in Retail

    • Discover the most innovative retail tech that can increase profits in two ways – by optimising internal operations and transforming customer experiences.
    • Attendees will also learn a memorable framework to help them differentiate between game-changing and gimmicky technology. This will ensure that any future tech investment pays dividends.

    Keynote by Speaker Cate Trotter

    The World in 2035

    • Do you know which important changes will affect our world between now and 2035?
    • Cate Trotter will explain the most influential megatrends impacting society over the coming two decades.
    • She’ll help you understand what these trends mean for your business, so they can push your business forward instead of under.

    Keynote by Speaker Cate Trotter

    How to Thrive in An Exponential World

    • As the rate of change increases, radically different businesses are emerging – ones that can threaten established giants within a few months of launching.
    • In this presentation, Cate Trotter helps established businesses understand the new mindsets, business models and technologies that underpin this super-fast growth.
    • She will also outline how they can adapt, so they too can innovate in new ways and grow exponentially.
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