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Charlotte Bircow

travels from Denmark

Fitness Queen and Author

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Keynote speaker Charlotte Bircow is Denmark’s Fitness Queen. She has sold millions of DVDs, written successful health & motivation books, and continues to inspire audiences through keynotes. She is a cancer survivor, a genuinely positive person and ideal for any event which requires a humorous, inspirational or active input. She engages, captivates and interacts with audiences. Audiences leave with a positive outlook and plenty of tools.

Keynote speaker, DK´s Fitnessqueen, Business entrepreneur, Cancer surviver

Charlotte Bircow is one of the top keynote speakers in Denmark

For the past 25 years she has been known as Denmark’s Fitness Queen , with more than 2 million fitness videos sold in a country that boasts a population of roughly 5 million people.

With her positive mindset and extensive knowledge on fitness and health, she inspires people every day with her humor, depth and love for life.

In 2011 Charlotte was diagnosed with cancer and went trough extensive chemo therapy treatments. She remained a public figure and let the Danes follow her progress in an effort to continue spreading positive and motivational tools.

Charlotte is ideal for any event where you need a speaker to inspire. Her eternal faith in life and its glories is infectious and really manages to inspire participants for subsequent proactive behavior. Charlotte gives food for thought and participants always leave with useful tools that can be used in both their professional and their private life.

Charlotte has written 7 books on health and motivation She has produced several TV programs, owned 2 big gyms with more than 100 employees and even created an organic food concept and a fitness attire fashion line.

She received her degree from Copenhagen Business School, she is also a AFFA/ACE certified fitness instructor, NLP master and NLC ( Nutrition, lifestyle coaching).

Today she is a top keynote speaker and the owner of www.Charlottebircow.com – a site devoted to exercise  and nutrition.

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    Keynote by Speaker Charlotte Bircow

    When the going gets tough, only the tough get going!

    • Charlotte Bircow is known as Denmark’s fitness queen with a total of 2 million videos sold in a population of only 5 million people, but in the early summer of 2011, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.
    • Her identity and self-perception was strongly challenged, and she chose to share her fight and positive view on life with all of Denmark.
    • By maintaining her positive view of life, a strong “consumption” of exercise and mental training, she quickly regained her top shape – both physically and mentally.
    • In this authentic speak, participants experiences a variety of methods and tricks that Charlotte has used throughout life to become a happy and strong person.
    • Hear her personal story through life’s ups and downs. A life where she constantly has sworn to a proactive behavior rather than reactive. Constantly she has focused on the solution rather than the problem.
    • In this speech, Charlotte puts focus on how health in both mind and body, creates a large mental profit and pleasure in daily life – even when it looks worse, and the winds is blowing in the wrong direction.


    Keynote by Speaker Charlotte Bircow

    How to “Just do it”

    • Charlotte Bircow is the woman who brought fitness to Denmark.
    • She introduced some of the first gyms, Aerobic/fitness instructor educations, Spinning in the Nordic countries and today she has a total over 2 million fitness videos sold.
    • She has written 7 books on health.
    • Therefore, it is no exaggeration that Charlotte Bircow has been a big help to make exercise and training a part of everyday lives in Denmark.
    • She is an entrepreneur and an epitome of “how to just do it”.
    • Just do it is one of the most referenced slogans ever created. And if we really all could “just do it”, there would be many things that would succeed much faster for all of us.
    • We know that to achieve what we want in life, we must “do it” and go for it – but “just”!.
    • Where the hell did the word “just” come from? It is not easy to “just do it”. Most often it feels more like a “must do it” or “I have to trust I maybe can do it”.
    • Get Charlotte Bircows personal, inspiring and humorous angle on how she “just did it”.


    Keynote by Speaker Charlotte Bircow

    High performance – Conference Breaker / energizer

    • Although the intention to keep the energy, mood and focus high during a long conference day certainly is present, it can be difficult to keep energy levels high when the natural fatigue arises during the day.
    • Charlotte can be booked as Conference Breaker / energizer, where she ensures that all participants keep energy levels high both physically and mentally during the day, so that the result of the day is improved.
    • During the conference day she presents 3-4 x 4 minutes.
    • This can also be included in a booking of her as conferencier.
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