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Strategies for increasing growth and profits


Chip Bell

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Successful customer focus expert helping businesses elevate customer-centricity and their enhance bottom lines

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Keynote speaker Chip Bell is customer focused and makes sure your organization is too. He delivers memorable and useful keynotes which help elevate customer-centricity and enhance the bottom line. Chip Bell’s ideas and strategies are cutting-edge and can be put in place right after the keynote. Let Chip Bell help you focus on those who matter: The customers.

Many Fortune 100 companies have benefitted from Chip Bell’s consumer-centric strategies. He has helped many dramatically enhance their bottom lines and marketplace reputation through innovative approaches and strategies that address the needs of today’s picky, fickle, vocal and “all about me” customers. Keynote speaker Chip Bell reveals the best and most effective practices put in place by the organizations leading the customer loyalty charge. He delivers powerful cutting-edge ideas and unique strategies that audiences can put into practice the minute they leave his keynote. Bell’s impact on audiences is nothing short of extraordinary: over 80% of the groups who hear him bring him back. Always customer-centered, Bell ensures that all his talks are customized to meet unique organizational needs through a background study, pre-event conference call, and phone interviews to better understand specific audience needs and challenges.

Knowledgeable speaker Chip Bell is considered a world renowned authority on customer loyalty and service innovation, having written more than 600 articles for many business journals, magazines, and blogs. He has appeared live on CNN, CNBC, CNN, Fox, Bloomberg TV, ABC, and his work has been featured in FortuneBusiness WeekForbesFast CompanyInc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur.  Chip Bell has also authored eight best-selling books including: Managing Knock Your Socks off Service; Customers As Partners; Magnetic Service; and Take Their Breath Away: How Imaginative Service Creates Devoted Customers. The most resent is his best-selling book, Kaleidoscope:  Delivering Innovative Service That Sparklest. His books have won numerous major awards and been endorsed by the CEO or presidents of such service greats as Zappos, Starbucks, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Build-A-Bear Workshops, JetBlue, Marriott, Chick-fil-A and Southwest Airlines. Dr. Bell has also been listed among Leadership Excellence Magazine’s top 30 thought leaders.

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    Keynote by Speaker Chip Bell

    Innovative Service:  Strategies for Increasing Growth and Profits

    • What do Google, Netflix, Apple, Nike and Amazon have in common other than rapid growth and amazing profits?
    • They all are considered among the most innovative companies, perpetually seek ingenious ways to delight their customers.
    • Remarkable service for today’s picky, fickle and vocal customers requires a constant and deliberate pursuit of innovative ways to make the customers’ experiences sparkly, but consistent; enriching, but profitable.
    • Since value-added has gotten way too expensive; smart organizations focus on value-unique—novel, not just more.
    • Innovative service paves the way for a “take their breath away” experience that can overcome customer resistance to price during challenging economic times.
    • Based on three of his national best-selling books The 9½ Principles of Innovative Service, Take Their Breath Away: How Imaginative Service Creates Devoted Customers and Service Magic: The Art of Amazing Your Customers, this lively, provocative session draws on Dr. Chip Bell’s 20+ years working with many of the world’s leading brands to help them stay ahead of their competition by maintaining best-in-class customer experience strategies.
    • Attendees leave with countless cutting-edge techniques and a head full of ideas for either reinventing or reigniting the customer experience they deliver to those they serve.


    Keynote by Speaker Chip Bell

    Seriously Sparkly Service: Making Innovative Service Profoundly Remarkable

    • Identify the very best customer service experience you have ever had
    • Today’s customers do not talk or tweet about good service – it has to be unique, special and ingenious.
    • Research shows value-added customer service won’t necessarily provide ROI.
    • Customer service has to be value-unique.
    • In this keynote, speaker Chip Bell will teach his audience how to implement unique and unexpected customer service.
    • Based on Chip’s newest bets-selling book: Kaleidoscope: Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles, this high-energy session gives you the tools and tips for leading and delivering innovative service that sparkles.


    Keynote by Speaker Chip Bell

    Customers as Partners:  Building Profitable Professional Relationships That Last

    • How do you win a customer?
    • For the B2B world the path to success has become a long-term relationship
    • When your customers feel valued in a power-free relationship, their expectations are more realistic and they are more forgiving of mistakes
    • This keynote is particular relevant for B2B organizations who wish to improve their relationships to their customers
    • The keynote is based on Dr. Chip Bell’s international best-selling books: Customers as Partners and Dance Lessons:  Six Steps to Great Partnerships in Business
    • Chip’s provides his audience with relevant and practical tools and techniques for building profitable relationships that last.


    Keynote by Speaker Chip Bell

    Leading a Customer-Centric Operation

    • Imagine if, just 10 years ago, you invested $100 in a fund up of the most customer-centric companies in the US. Today, your investment would be worth over $650
    • Organizations who put their customers in the center of their planning and execution attract the best employees and keep the best customers.
    • These types of organizations are continually listed on Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”.
    • Keynote speaker Chip Bell has worked with many of these companies and knows their secrets to success.
    • In this provocative and energetic keynote, he will provide his audience with tools for creating experiences that turn satisfied customers into loyal advocates.

The Care and Feeding of Keynote Speakers

We keynoters are strange characters! We can be as finicky as rock stars and as unpredictable as teenagers.  We can’t be controlled; but, we certainly can be managed.  Here are seven suggestions for meeting planners from the business side of the lectern

1. Please overload us with information about your audience. You have watched past speakers succeed and bomb and you know why.  Please tell us!

2. Give us lead time on special requests.  Prefer we hang around at the coffee break following our keynotes?  Tell us early so we can let our drivers know not to pick us up right after the curtain closes.

3. Respect our requests. If we want to walk out into the audience, don’t make us stay on the dais.  If we ask for a handheld mike, don’t provide a lavaliere just because the last keynoter used one.

4. Don’t force us to do AV checks while the audience is eating their continental breakfast in the meeting room.  It destroys the mystery and magic we want to create.

5. Protect our “spirit of greatness” mental time. Don’t fill our “getting centered” moments with insisting we meet the senior leaders right before we take the stage.

6. Run interference on our behalf. If the sound is too low, signal the sound person.  If attendees are sluggish getting back into the room after the coffee break, please help herd them in so we can start on time.

7. Give us honest feedback after the event.  We want to stay great at what we do. That means candor on what did and did not work for your unique audience.

Keynoting is an exhilarating profession.  It can also have dark side. We fly in, stay in hotels and attend meetings where we know no one.  But, the unattractive elements surrounding our stage craft can be enlivened with the helping hands of meeting planners eager to bring out the best of what we enjoy the most.

Growing a Meeting Planner-Vendor Partnership

Meeting planners rely heavily on vendors.  Late delivery of a critical resource can mean the difference between a smooth operation and a bungled registration or a coffee break with no coffee.  Vendors rely heavily on meeting planners. Too many rules or draconian processes can be the difference between a vendor looking like a fool and acting like a hero.

Long term healthy relationships mean treating vendors like a partner.  It can change competition into collaboration; win-lose into win-win. Here are five practices to transform your vendor-meeting planner relationship into one that yields synergy, commitment and success.

Partnership Practice #1:  Expect the Best. This practice not only serves as a criterion for achievement, it provides a noticeable self-fulfilling optimism. Best does not mean perfect; partnerships are never perfect. The quest is for super high performance and non-stop growth.

Partnership Practice #2:  Be All…There. Great partnerships bring a perpetual energy to every encounter. When they are there, they are ALL there. They are passionate about what they can achieve together.  So, they care enough to bring their very best.

Partnership Practice #3:  Assert the Truth. The healthy partnership is marked by candor and welcomed critique. As candor triggers improvement, those who serve feel responsive; those served feel heard and the partnership feels healthy.

Partnership Practice #4:  Honor Your Partner. To esteem a relationship is to ascribe credit or adoration to it. It involves seeking ways to bring praise to the relationship. Honoring a partner is also about providing that person the elbowroom to be unique and special.

Partnership Practice #5:  Keep Your Promises. Trust is the glue of partnerships. Keeping promises is about protecting the sacredness of collective commitments.  Promises kept give relationships security in the way that honor gives it adventure.

Great partnerships succeed over time because they have soul! And, the soul of partnership is the allegiance to five practices that direct the rhythm of the relationship ensuring the longevity of the liaison. Treat your vendors like your partners and they will treat you as theirs.


Interview with Chip Bell

How do audiences benefit from your talks?
Provocative information, practical insights, easy-to-apply techniques, and deep appreciation of how customers have changed and what now creates a distinctive customer experience.

What are some of the crucial aspects to consider when trying to achieve customer loyalty?
Understanding what drives customer loyalty (not just what’s important); having clear service standards practiced consistently by everyone in the organization; ensuring the quality of service practiced internally matches the desired level service for external customers; having the right customer loyalty metrics that provide feedback and guidance to everyone; and, making sure the front line have the capacity, competence, resources and authority to consistently deliver a great customer experience.

What type of audience benefits most from your keynotes?
Those with a commitment to delivering a distinctive customer experience—one that sets the organization apart from competitors and one that ensure growth and profits.

How do you work with clients when preparing for a keynote?
Interview the program planners, interview 3-4 participants who will be in the audience, read requested information about the company and their strategic objectives; study all information about the organization available on the Internet.

What are some unique keynotes you have delivered?
A keynote for a large heavy industrial client in Shanghai to an audience hearing and seeing it in five languages; a keynote for a healthcare company on the beach in Southern California; a keynote for a hotel company in Costa Rica to a completely Spanish-speaking audience, a keynote to two thousand real estate agents in Sydney; keynotes to Lockheed-Martin at their top secret skunk works facility; keynotes to unique organizations like Harley-Davidson dealers, Victoria’s Secret store manager, CIA leaders and National Association of Funeral Directors!!

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