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Christian Bitz

Author and Nutrition Expert
Country: Denmark

Keynote speaker Christian Bitz stays clear of fanatical ideals and unrealistic health lectures. He spreads his knowledge of health and nutrition in a sympathetic way, which is understandable for everyone and which can be applied to the everyday lives of all.


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Christian Bitz has a MSc in nutrition and has done extensive research in the fields of appetite regulation, the sense of taste, diets, and lifestyle diseases. He is the regular nutrition expert on the national TV-show: Good Morning Denmark. He is an energetic and incredibly enthusiastic speaker, who challenges the idea that food is something we should fear and stay away from.

Christian Bitz stays clear of fanatical ideals and unrealistic health lectures. He spreads his knowledge of health and nutrition in a sympathetic way, which is understandable for everyone and which can be applied to the everyday lives of all. His primary goal is to encourage better and healthier lifestyles for everyone. He wants to reach the broad population, not just the individuals with a preexisting interest in health, nutrition and fitness. This is why his message appeals to the masses.

He has published several books on health and nutrition in Danish, the first of which was ranked number one on the Danish bestseller list. In 2011, Bitz received the MPI’s Innovator of the Year award for his Brain Food concept, which since September 2010 has been a regular part of meeting and event packages at numerous hotels in Denmark. Experience a speaker who entertains and who delivers tools for a healthy lifestyle in an approachable manner. Christian simultaneously delivers the motivation to implement these tools and achieve a better lifestyle.

    Keynote by Speaker Christian Bitz


    • In this new keynote, Bitz puts the good life in perspective – a life where health plays a central role for one’s well-being. But how much time and energy should health really consume? We live in a time where the topic of health is on everyone’s lips. And it’s too much. It makes it almost impossible to separate actual science from self-appointed miracle diets. Bitz clears out this jungle of health and guides you to make the right choices that will help you. You will be able to use your time and energy where it matters the most and makes the biggest difference for your health and well-being.
    • Good habits don’t come easy. It takes effort to prioritize health and it can be difficult during hectic weekdays where time – or lack thereof – becomes an excuse for procrastination. However, Bitz provides new knowledge, motivation and lots of strong input to permanently improve your everyday health.
    • Bitz’ delivers quality messages based on scientific research and the newest knowledge within health. This way you will be geared to make the right decisions and stand firm – whether you choose fat-free yogurt, spinning or laying on the couch with a piece of cake!
    • There is not one truth about health. But one thing is for certain: Health has a legitimate place in our lives. If you ever feel that health is confusing then get ready for Christian’s keynote which will make you excited about health again. You will leave his keynote with an entire new way of looking at health and the urge to become healthier. If you want better well-being and a healthier lifestyle, then this keynote is for you.

    Keynote by Speaker Christian Bitz


    • In this entertaining keynote, “Imperfect”, Christian Bitz breaks down the myth of a perfect life once and for all.
    • You will leave this presentation with the right tools to find a healthy balance and a life completely free from health guilt.
    • With lots of humor and practical advice, Bitz gives you his realistic guide for keeping the excitement about health where you will learn how to reach your goals and feel happy – without being perfect. We all have different goals, so why follow the same diet advice?
    • Get ready for an honest insight into Bitz’ varied everyday life that offers much more than just fat-free yogurt, bran and fixed boundaries.


    Keynote by Speaker Christian Bitz

    Shut up and get moving

    • In this groundbreaking and entertaining keynote, Christian Bitz offers his audience an ultra practical and manageable guide for a healthier life. The audience will be motivated to do what they need to do in order to get a natural head start and effectively stop the growing fear of food.
    • There is no doubt that a healthy lifestyle forms the basis of a good life with lots of energy. However, Christian Bitz questions our norms and cultures that affect our society, homes, and self-worth of the average person who isn’t completely committed to fitness, diet and health.
    • Through this keynote, Bitz provides his guide to a healthy life. A guide based on normal ingredients that will make normal and delicious food for the normal and very busy people – whom all need career, children and everyday life to come together.
    • At the same time, there is a uproar between the self-appointed experts and sensation-seeking media that have made health an unattainable goal through fanaticism and bans. All in all, this entertaining keynote is for completely normal people who just want to become a little healthier.
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