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Claire Anstey

International TV host, Science of Mind Counselor, and Creative Entrepreneur
Country: UK

Our keynote speaker Claire Anstey is many things; she is a broadcaster, science of mind counselor, student of shamanic medicine, entrepreneur, an author, and a dancer. Most important of all, she is a speaker who is passionate about helping others learn to love themselves and she has made it her mission to impact today’s media by filling more screens with impactful programming that will enable viewers to feel that they are enough.

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“I always fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul. This world is so guarded and fearful. I see so much beauty and strength in owning our vulnerability.” Claire Anstey


Clare Anstey is a self development and spiritual growth expert who is passionate about turning our dysfunctions into function. She is an experienced speaker who started out her career as a chat show host and a voice over artist. As a teen, she was full of self-loathing, but the suicide of her childhood sweetheart woke her up and she embarked on a journey of growth. Growth is never easy though, and Claire had to overcome many obstacles in order to become the strong and beautiful woman she is today. Now Claire uses her experiences to help teach others how to love themselves, to be their best and most authentic selves.

An advocate for psychology, mindfulness and metaphysics, Claire is also a qualified Science of Mind counselor and recently studied shamanic plant medicine in the hills of Peru. She is a highly motivated, inspirational, entertaining presenter with an iconic image and burlesque edge. Making mental health fabulous, Claire Anstey motivates and inspires her audience to overcome their fears.

An entrepreneur, Claire is the founder of Game Changer Connect, an online platform that matches you with entrepreneurs, media sources and subject matter experts so that you can engage your current target market and reach new customers via media, marketing and cross promotion.

An author, Clair has written 2 books, over 10 audio programmes and 3 apps. Her work has also been published by Mindvalley – Watch her on their TV channel and listen to her meditations on their No 1 app “Omvana”

A Performer, Claire is a trained dancer with a degree in Dance Performance and a qualified fitness coach. She is also an accomplished broadcaster, producer and teacher. Previous clients include MTV, Discovery, Mindvalley, BBC, ITV, Virgin & Nickelodeon. Her mission is now to fill more screens with impactful programming that will enable viewers to feel that they are enough.


    Speaker Claire Anstey Keynote Topics

    • Authenticity
    • Bullying
    • Self & Body Confidence
    • Burlesque & empowerment
    • Personal Power
    • Suicide & male mental health
    • Fame & self loathing
    • Media strategy for small business & newbies
    • Motivational
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