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D. Justhy

D. Justhy

Business Data Expert
Country: Switzerland

Keynote speaker D. Justhy has been working with data for almost two decades. He now lends his expertise to audiences worldwide, helping clients to make the most of this valuable asset. Lend an ear to our speaker D. Justhy and you will learn all you need to succeed in our digitalized world.

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Be data-centric. Be people-centric.

Digitalization speaker D. Justhy (aka Justhy Deva Prasad) is passionate about enabling senior leaders of large global organizations transition into the digital age. This means teaching them to make the best use of their data and employees. With his result-oriented attitude, he is a speaker who makes a difference for his audiences. Justhy is an engaging speaker that infects audiences with his enthusiasm for data and its uses.

Beyond his role as a speaker D. Justhy is Founder and Chief Data Partner at The Data Strategy Lab, Switzerland. Here, world class research is done with the goal of providing insights and guidance on an enterprise’s journey into the digital age. Furthermore, D. Justhy is the author of “the Billion Dollar Byte” a best book finalist in the 2017 American Book Fest.

    Speaker D. Justhy Keynote Topics

    • Winning in the Digital Age with Data & People
    • Data & Cyber Security is No More an IT Matter Alone
    • Nurturing Talent in the Digital Age
    • The principles of The Datapreneur® for digital age success: Communication & Influence, Datanomics, Process Discipline
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