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Damian Barr

Columnist and Author
Country: UK

Based on his tireless work as a columnist for the Times and his mission find new cultural and social trends, keynote speaker Damian Barr has written numerous columns and developed concepts which help individuals better understand each other and society. He is a noted author and exciting speaker. His experiences and novel ideas give audiences new perspectives on art, literature, culture and more.

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Background and career

Immediately out of university, Damian was recruited by the Times and dedicated his time to discovering new cultural and social trends, people and places.  Some of his accomplishments include convincing Sir Terence Conran to kiss Philippe Starck, cooking a 32-bird roast with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and getting a manicure with Paris Hilton’s mother. A year after Hurricane Katrina, he reported on the state of New Orleans. He has also reported on the ever-flooding state of Venice.  Aside from the Times, he has written for a number of papers. He has also been shortlisted for a British Press Award.

His first book. ‘Get It Together’, was formed on the basis of his first column for the Times and was the first to explore the now widely recognized ‘quarterlife crisis’.  Before being published it was serialized in the Times and it was featured on Richard & Judy.  Julie Burchill has described Damian as ‘the new ringmaster for the Jerry Springer Generation’. Damian’s next book is a memoir about Thatcher called ‘Maggie and Me’ for Bloomsbury.

Guests at his Literary Salon include: Diana Athill, Bret Easton Ellis, David Nicholls, Jojo Moyes, Geoff Dyer, Sam Leith, Helen Fielding and Howard Jacobson. It has been featured in the New York Times, The Times, The Mail on Sunday, The Guardian, The Observer, The Independent, Tatler, Grazia and other media.  He has hosted numerous events at Hay, Charleston Festival, the Edinburgh Book Festival and Voewood.

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