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Dan Allum

Acclaimed TV, Theatre, Film & Radio Writer
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Dan Allum is a Romani Gypsy who taught himself how to read and went on to become an award winning writer in TV, theater, film & radio. Using his own proven strategies and ‘out of the box’ life experience, Dan can enable an audience to enhance their performance and reach the highest levels of achievement, whether that be in business, the arts or life.

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Dan Allum spent the majority of his early travelling around the UK in a caravan. But after teaching himself to read and gaining a university degree, he founded the Romany Theatre company in 2003. This lead him on to work with the BBC, the Royal Court Theatre and the Royal Opera House with collaborations with artists from all across the world.

Dan has written extensively for BBC Radio 4, creating the acclaimed and groundbreaking radio series Atching Tan, which explored the relationships between members of the Gypsy, Romany and Traveller and settled communities. Atching Tan was shortlisted for both the Imison and Audio Drama Awards in 2011.

In 2002, Dan started hi speaking career with Speak Up Speak Out and gone on to build up an impressive list of clients including Lloyds TSB, Royal Bank of Scotland and the London University of Psychology to name a few. By using his own unique life experiences, Dan challenges audiences to re-evaluate their beliefs, perceived limitations and conventional thinking and use it find the route to success and achievement.

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