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Transform your organisation and evoke positive change through the power of food


Danny McCubbin

travels from UK

Culture Manager at the Jamie Oliver HQ, Food Activist and Social Entrepreneur helping the youth through charities

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As a social entrepreneur, food activist, cultural manager and mentor, speaker Danny McCubbin is committed to promoting food-focussed social organisations and helping businesses create social value with the transformational power of food. Moreover, Danny is a Culture Manager at the Jamie Oliver HQ and takes part in various charities to help disadvantaged young people, having earned him the nomination among The Foodism 100 Positive Change Heroes.

Why you should book speaker Danny McCubbin

  • Danny’s expertise in gastronomy is tremendous: by having worked together with the British celebrity chef for over 15 years now, he knows all the ins and outs of the food industry. Booking him will get you one of the best food experts in the world.
  • With his experience with charities, NGOs and community-based projects, Danny knows how to evoke positive change in an organisation through the power of food. His solid advice can improve satisfaction within your business.

Danny worked with the British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver for close to 17 years where he focused on the Jamie Oliver Fifteen apprenticeship scheme and also Jamie’s major food campaigns. Working as the Culture Manager at Jamie Oliver, Danny was responsible for upholding the food ethos throughout the company.

Through his work, Danny built a worldwide network of companies and organisations, creating a great platform for a lively exchange of information and ideas for innovation in the food industry. Danny is also the founder of the UK San Patrignano Association where he serves as the UK ambassador. The organisation is one of the world’s most successful drug rehabilitation communities, helping its young inhabitants to beat addiction through learning gastronomy skills and taking part in restaurant placements.

Recently, Danny has been a judge at the prestigious Young British Foodies Awards and has been nominated as a Foodism 100 Positive Change Hero. To help Syrian children, speaker Danny McCubbin also took part in the hugely successful campaign Cook For Syria with the help of the best chefs and restaurants in the world. Currently Danny is managing a Community Kitchen for a charity in London that provides a home cooked meal for 50 vulnerable people every day. He founded the kitchen when the Covid pandemic hit London. Danny also leads workshops and events to encourage young people to enter the hospitality industry, as well as continuing his work as a mentor at San Patrignano

As a speaker Danny McCubbin greatly combines his professional and personal skills as he draws from his expertise in charities, NGOs, social media and community-based projects. In his inspiring presentations, he gives solid advice on how to improve satisfaction within an organisation and evoke positive change in the business through healthy and varied food choices.

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Keynote by speaker Danny McCubbin

The Healing Power of Food

Good food has an incredible transformative power and potential to improve people’s lives. In this keynote, speaker Danny McCubbin draws from his experience of helping disadvantaged young people through multiple charities by introducing them to gastronomy and furthering their careers. This keynote is packed with key takeaways, such as learning how to use:

  • Food as a force for good: challenging the status quo on addiction.
  • Food as a route to work for disadvantaged and marginalised youth.
Keynote by speaker Danny McCubbin

Food and the Workplace

With his great expertise in NGOs, charities and community-based projects, speaker Danny McCubbin knows what it takes to transform an organisation. In his keynote Food and the Workplace, he is showing the audience how to create positive change within a business through its food choices. Danny will show the audience:

  • How making time for mealtimes creates a positive working culture.
  • How can food be used to create positive change in the workplace?
Watch speaker Danny McCubbin in action

The Healing Effect of Food

In the following video, speaker Danny McCubbin talks about his involvement at San Patrignano, where he serves as a UK Ambassador to help young people overcome their addiction.

See keynotes with Danny McCubbin
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