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Former Disney executive's keynotes on disruption, leadership, and negotiation

Dave Hollis

travels from USA

Former Disney Global Head of Distribution and CEO of The Hollis Company advising companies on branding and disruption

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Keynote speaker Dave Hollis is the CEO of The Hollis Company, a lifestyle brand and online community that exists to arm people with the tools to change their lives for the better. After a successful career in traditional media, Dave looks to a new chapter in his career — combining disruption of both his personal/professional life and the evolving media space.

Dave is the CEO of The Hollis Company which is built around the belief that everybody is made for more. The Hollis Company exists to arm people from every background with the tools to change their life for the better. Their content is a mix of encouragement, authentic truth-telling and the tangible direction to make lasting change. They create tools and foster community to help people grow in their relationships, businesses, sense of self, and opportunities to impact others. 

Prior to taking a leadership position at Chic Media, speaker Dave Hollis was President of Theatrical Distribution at The Walt Disney Studios. He was responsible for global theatrical sales and distribution efforts for all motion pictures released under the Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm banners. Here he worked for almost 2 decades. Collaborating with exhibitions, filmmakers, production partners, and the broader Disney enterprise to successfully launch films in movie theatres around the world.

He has an impressive track record! During Dave’s tenure, Disney set an industry record with $7.6 billion in global box office in 2016, becoming the first studio ever to surpass $7 billion globally and $3 billion domestically. Speaker Dave Hollis has overseen 9 of the 10 biggest opening weekends domestically of all time.


Dave’s Professional Background

Dave previously worked in Research (20th Century Fox), Publicity (Fox Broadcasting Co), Talent Management (Bragman Nyman Cafarelli), Grassroots Marketing (Merv Griffin Productions) and had roles at Disney in Brand Mgmt, Retail Marketing, Technology Innovation, Distribution Strategy and Intl Sales.


Dave is an Advocate and Ally

Advocacy is an important part of Dave’s life. He served as the Chief Ally for the TWDC Pride group, sat on the Global Women’s Initiative and was active in [email protected] He played an advisory role with the Black employee resource group (The Bond) and was the sponsor of the Studio Green Team.

Dave’s family has been actively involved in philanthropy that supports foster and adoption, homeless youth and the transitional homeless community and are active members of their church.

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    Speaker Dave Hollis Keynote Topics


    Keynote by Speaker Dave Hollis

    Embracing Disruption as Fuel for Growth

    Dave Hollis is living a life of disruption. From having been a witness as head of distribution at the Walt Disney Studios of the impact that emerging technologies and new distribution platforms have on traditional media to the decision to walk away from one of the best jobs in the business to chase opportunity as an entrepreneur in a new media world, hear how disruption shows up for businesses and how we as leaders can see it as either a threat or an opportunity.


    Keynote by Speaker Dave Hollis

    Intentional Leadership — Knowing Stakeholders to Deliver Need-Specific Value

    Leading teams and managing stakeholders at the world’s largest media company isn’t for the faint of heart. Setting records in an environment that thrives takes a special kind of leadership that focuses on value delivery and a keen understanding of how people are motivated, the importance of objective vs subjective data and code to live by that ensures a consistency that helps not only create people who will follow your lead, but also help build your personal brand.


    Keynote by Speaker Dave Hollis

    Negotiation is a Mindf*ck

    A conversation on the art, science and psychology of sales: negotiation strategy, the importance of intel, the role that psychology, leverage, timing and perception play from a person who managed the most prolific slate of films in entertainment history as the President of Distribution at the Walt Disney Studios while keeping stakeholders from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Disney Animation and Lucasfilm each feeling like the #1 priority. Practical and actionable.

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Keynote topics with Dave Hollis