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A Silicon Valley entrepreneur's dos and don’ts of innovation


Deborah Perry Piscione

travels from USA

Innovation expert, researcher, and Silicon Valley entrepreneur sharing her knowledge on building an innovative business

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The engaging and dynamic thought leader and speaker Deborah Perry Piscione is an expert on innovation and guiding companies in the direction of disruptive thinking and getting ahead of their competitors. Her clients include some of the biggest corporations in the world and her keynotes are educational and thought-provoking.

Speaker Deborah Perry Piscione is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and has, after years of research, uncovered the secrets of some of the most innovative and most successful corporations in the world. Deborah has delivered inspirational and educational keynotes to clients like Google, Ted Talk, Microsoft and McDonald’s among others, and her expertise makes her a sought-after speaker for many. Deborah is also the founder of four companies and knows all about the ever-changing game of the business world today. She moved from the East Coast to Silicon Valley and was surprised by the undeniable difference between the two cultures when it comes to business and growing companies. Her years of research makes her an expert in why Silicon Valley is so special, different and attractive for many established companies and startups.

As a speaker Deborah Perry Piscione is thought-provoking and entertaining. She gets her message across through humour, high energy and lots of insights and research to the dos and don’ts of innovation, risk-taking and achieving success as a company. Deborah is a thought leader in her field and various companies have come to her for advice. She has an educational background in economics and understands all sides of business and growing a company. The world moves fast; companies fight to stay relevant and be innovative, and leaders try their best to prepare for an unknown future. This is where speaker Deborah Perry Piscione comes in! If you’re looking for a speaker with real-life experience, years of research to support her points and who knows what she’s talking about, Deborah is definitely the speaker for you and your event.

See keynotes with Deborah Perry Piscione

    Speaker Deborah Perry Piscione Keynote Topics


    Keynote by speaker Deborah Perry Piscione 

    The Secret to Silicon Valley’s Innovation Culture (and Staggering Growth)

    • In this interesting keynote, Deborah presents her insights into Silicon Valley’s innovation culture. What is it that Silicon Valley can teach the rest of the world about creating value from ideas, build new forms of business and create disruptive innovation?
    • Learn how the different parts of the ecosystem come together as an interconnected web, such as the interplay between higher education and the business community.
    • This is a very enlightening keynote where Deborah offers her incredible research into synergy and entrepreneurial culture that is admired and envied by many.

    Keynote by speaker Deborah Perry Piscione 

    Turbocharging People: Getting Great Things Done in the Age of Innovation

    • In this keynote, Deborah gives her best advice for creating an innovative culture where risk-taking, creativity, passion and problem-solving are rewarded and productivity is increased.
    • Managing people is hard and human behaviour is unpredictable. Deborah understands how to motivate and engage teams in a way that maximizes creativity and innovation.
    • This inspiring keynote is based on Deborah’s best-selling book “The People Equation: Why Innovation Is People, Not Products” and she uses examples from some of the most admired organizations to illustrate her points.


    Keynote by speaker Deborah Perry Piscione 

    How to Create a Risk-taking Culture

    • Some of the most successful business icons are known for their incredible risk-taking but many companies tend to play it safe and never manage to deliver unforgettable results and growth.
    • In this thought-provoking keynote, speaker Deborah Perry Piscione discusses risk-taking and why it’s so important for leaders to take risks and spend their resources on developing the key skills needed for innovative thinking.
    • This keynote is based on Deborah’s best-selling book “The Risk Factor: Why Every Organization Needs Big Bets, Bold Characters, and the Occasional Spectacular Failure” and Deborah explores the individual skills as well as organization systems to unleash risk-taking.


    Keynote by speaker Deborah Perry Piscione 

    Quantum Power of Women: Why Women Will Drive Innovation and Growth in the Future

    • The past year has been a breakthrough for women.  Yet how many leaders view this as an opportunity to drive unprecedented innovation and growth in their organizations?
    • Speaker Deborah Perry Piscione sees it. As the founder of Alley to the Valley, the nation’s largest deal-making network for women, she has worked with some of the most powerful female leaders.
    • This keynote offers great advice and insights into how the inclusion of women has led to a vast improvement in every corner and every level of organizations.
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Keynote topics with Deborah Perry Piscione