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Deon Binneman

The Reputation go to Guy
Country: South Africa

Your reputation is your most important asset and risk. Keynote speaker Deon Binneman understands reputation, how it is built, sustained or destroyed and how it needs to be protected and repaired.

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Maybe you don’t know it, but your reputation is your most important asset and risk.

Respected business leaders such as Warren Buffett speak about the importance of reputation, as did ancient philosophers such as Socrates. So, does it really matter? Yes, it does and Binneman can prove it! Not only is a favorable reputation a Company, Country, City, Industry, Profession or Person’s most important asset, it is also its greatest and most fragile risk as it can also too easily be destroyed.

For the past 22 years, “Your Reputation Matters” has been Deon Binneman’s slogan, his business, mission and passion – he speaks, provides advice, facilitates learning, challenges, consults, coaches and assists management and individuals on how to manage and protect this most valuable asset.

As a public speaker, Binneman is in high demand. He has provided speaking, training and consulting services in sixteen countries including China, Australia, Malaysia, Holland, Singapore, and across Southern Africa, and he has consistently received high scores in delegate appraisals and many testimonials as well.

Deon Binneman has an ability to communicate reputation and crisis issues into language which non-experts can easily understand too. Audiences describe his style as both relaxed, humorous and business focused and his messages as well researched, hard hitting and entertaining too.

He has facilitated and spoken at more than 125 conferences in 17 countries including the Global Conference of the IIA (Institute of Internal Auditors) and the world’s largest conference on Sustainable Investment. Binneman was invited back by popular demand on four occasions to the Southern African conferences of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

In 2016 his Reputation Risk presentation at the IIA conference drew more than 600 delegates and he also spoke about the Auditing of Stakeholder Management. Deon Binneman is an experienced and multiskilled management training facilitator who has led seminars on a wide variety of management training subjects such as Stakeholder Reputation and Relationship Management at GIBS (Gordon Institute of Business Science). He has taught professionals how to market their services and consultancies for more than twenty years now.

Binneman has provided insight and advice on a wide range of corporate reputation and crisis management matters including life safety crises, recalls, reputation risk and stakeholder issues. Some of these big scaled projects included providing strategic advice to Statistics SA during the 2011 South African Census (The count of more than 53 million citizens) before, during and after the project; providing strategic advice and crisis plan simulation training for ATNS – Air Traffic Navigation Services during the Soccer World Cup – which was South Africa’s biggest sporting tournament to date (same scale as the Olympics); training AIG SA Brokers in Product Recall Management and providing strategic advice to SA’s largest telecommunications company Vodacom on how to both develop and embed a reputation risk profile dimension into their Enterprise Wide Risk Management system.

Deon Binneman regularly conducts Crisis Management and Health and Safety related training. He is a (NOSA – SAMTRAC and ITIS) qualified Health and Safety consultant and has provided OHASA and Incident investigation training services for Scott-Safe, an ISO 14000 Legal Compliance company for twenty years.

He is the publisher and editor of “Powerlines”, an e-mail newsletter written for “those interested in managing their country’s reputation”, currently read by more than 14500 subscribers in many countries. He authored a chapter in Prof. Charles Fombrun’s book called “The Advice Business – Essential Tools and Models for Management Consulting” called “Consultancy Marketing: Developing the Right Mindset”. This book is now standard text for management consulting companies around the globe and published by Prentice Hall.

Binneman’s more than thirty years of experience include PR and strategic communications, training and development, public affairs, organisational development, health and safety consulting as well as entrepreneurial development and Professional Services marketing. Prior to his 21 years solo career, he worked as an OD (Organizational Development) Consultant for a large retail group and as a Corporate Affairs and Training Adviser to small businesses as well. he served for six years in the South African Medical Services (Armed Forces) as a medical instructor and management support staff member at a variety of locations, such as the Institute for Aviation Medicine.

Binneman considers himself a life-long learner, a voracious reader and he is a graduate of Henley Management College (UK) and the Graduate Institute of Management and Technology and the Nelson Mandela University. He holds qualifications in Public Relations, in Strategic Management, in Strategic Human Resources Management, in Occupational Health and Safety and in Governance, Risk and Ethics.

He has attended and completed more than fifty short courses ranging from NLP to critical thinking subjects and he takes pride in an almost uncanny ability to stay up to date and informed about the latest issues and developments. Currently Binneman is studying towards an international Silicon Valley Social Media Marketing qualification.


Ultimately, as a systemic thinker, Binneman brings to the table a multiskilled disciplinary approach and unique ability to:

-Quickly analyze client problems and provide advice on reputation issues and incidents;

-Communicate messages which are passionate, well-researched and hard-hitting;

-Equip audiences with valuable knowledge as well as insights


In a nutshell Deon Binneman understands reputation, how it is built, sustained or destroyed and how it needs to be protected and repaired. To build institutional capacity he therefore:

-Speaks to Boards, Executives, Management, Staff and Conference audiences about reputation being an organisation’s or person’s most important asset and greatest risk;

-Facilitates and conducts management training in reputation related issues, stakeholder management strategies, strategic communication, crisis management and crisis communication, as well as leadership development and professional services marketing;

-Provides direct advice, coaching and consultation and also assists companies with the design, development and writing of reputational risk prevention strategies, systems and policies

-Provides thought leadership and business intelligence through writings.

    Speaker Deon Binneman Keynote Topics

    • Reputation
    • Crisis
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Strategic Communications

    Conference Facilitating


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