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Dionysios Demetis

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Expert on financial security and anti-money laundering sharing his expert knowledge on these topics

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Keynote speaker Dionysios Demetis is an anti-money laundering expert. He has taught classes, written books and lectured on the matter. It is an important issue in many industries and countries which accounts for his popularity as a keynote speaker. He has worked with experts of various other industries and written impressive books and articles. He delivers keynotes focused on financial security.

Dr Dionysios Demetis started out in Physics and is an expert on Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Information Systems. He obtained a PhD on AML from the London School of Economics where he also taught classes on Information Systems Management, Security and Methodology. While at the LSE, he contributed widely to a number of research deliverables for the European Commission, but most importantly to the domain of Anti-Money Laundering for the Spotlight EU project, as well as the GATE EU Project targeting Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing. His research on the Risk-Based Approach to Anti-Money Laundering and the 3rd EU Directive has been featured in the IMOLIN select bibliography of the United Nations while his research on ‘Data Growth and the Consequences to Anti-Money Laundering’ has won the Emerald Highly Commended Award from the Journal of Money Laundering Control.

Dionysios has authored a large number of AML research deliverables for the European Commission and the Future of Identity for the Information Society (FIDIS) for which he was a Convenor of its Steering Group. Additionally, he is the author of two books and numerous journal publications. His book on AML entitled ‘Technology and Anti-Money Laundering’ is the first book to provide a coherent theoretical structure for AML research and practice, based on Systems Theory. According to reviews, this book “makes a great contribution to our understanding of anti-money laundering at both a systems and practical level”.

Dionysios also has a passion for systems theory, science and the paradoxes of knowledge discovery processes. He spent six years co-authoring a book with LSE Professor Ian Angell, entitled “Science’s First Mistake” that deconstructs the process of knowledge discovery and theory construction on the basis of observation, paradox, delusion and self-reference. “Science’s First Mistake” is published worldwide and constitutes a full-frontal attack to our cerebral addiction to Scientific Truth and the Delusion of Objectivity.

At the moment, Dionysios splits his time between the industry and academia. He is the Head of the AML/CFT Group at Syntax IT Inc, a consultancy with a dedicated team in providing specialized AML/CTF services and an innovative AML e-Learning solution for banks. He is the Director of its corresponding Laboratory with international experts, member of the Scientific Board of the GEOLAB Institute of the Ionian University in Corfu, Adjunct Professor in the BSA/AML and International Compliance courses for the Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California and studies for his Piano Diploma at the National Conservatory in Athens.

He has given a large number of talks on Anti-Money Laundering across Europe; speaks regularly at Cambridge University’s Annual Economic Crime Symposium; has shared a panel in an I-4 meeting on Data Mining Financial Transactions and Manipulating Big Data (before Data became Big) with H.Schmidt (former Special Assistant to President Obama on CyberSecurity); was asked to give feedback to the House of Lords on the Procurement and Innovation Technologies Bill; and was asked to compose the music for the Anthem for the Society of Spacetime Physics (prior to having Science’s First Mistake published).

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    Speaker Dionysios Demetis Keynote Topics

    • Technology and Anti-Money Laundering
    • Modeling Money Laundering Behaviour
    • Politically Exposed Persons
    • Data Growth and Consequences for tackling Money Laundering
    • What Regulators should do to combat Money Laundering
    • Risk-based Approach (RBA) to AML
    • Geographic Risk and AML
    • International Dynamics of AML
    • Privacy and AML
    • How do we Think – Philosophy of Thought
    • Thinking in Systems Theoretical Terms – Business Implications
    • Science’s First Mistake
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Keynote topics with Dionysios Demetis