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Donald Cooper

International Management & Business Speaker
Country: Canada

Keynote speaker Donald Cooper a bottom-line business management and marketing speaker and coach. He helps to WOW target customers and shows  businesses and business people how to make the most out of themselves. Drawing from real-life experience, Donald Cooper delivers extraordinary engaging talks and inspires his audiences.

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Donald Cooper MBA CSP HoF is a thought-leader in management. He works with business owners and managers in over 40 industries around the world, who want to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Referring to Donald Cooper, in order for businesses to be successful they must have customer value, effective promotion, top-performing teams, vision clarity and future action plans. If the business leaders, are not clear about these 5 things, who else could possibly be?

It is Donald Cooper’s mission to deliver the best results and help businesses to be successful in their target area. He claims that all leaders need to understand the math of profitability and then have the courage to charge what is needed to for the value that is offered. Donald Cooper can effectively support clients who are looking for help and necessary tools to improve their performance.

An entrepreneur himself, Donald Cooper spent 18 years at Cooper Canada, the successful family business, Canadian Brand icon and world’s leading maker of hockey equipment. At the age 43 Donald left the family business to do something less corporate, reinventing himself as an award-winning retailer. In just 3 years he fundamentally redefined the customer experience, for which he received 7 Awards of Excellence for marketing, service and business innovation.

On stage Donald Cooper is charismatic and authentic, he is a hands-on coach with credible and practical messages. All of his presentations focus on the three key areas management and leadership, marketing and customer service as well as creating top-performing teams. All speeches are researched and tailored to the client’s opportunities, challenges and desired outcomes.

    Keynotes by Speaker Donald Cooper

    Management and Leadership titles:

    1. Accelerate your business…how to sell more, manage smarter, grow your bottom line…and have a life!
    2. Vision Critical…how to define your future, grow your business and improve your bottom line!
    3. Myths, Lies & Management…7 simple truths that will transform your business and grow your bottom line!
    4. The 90-Minute MBA…10 things you absolutely need to know to ‘own’ your customers, manage your business and grow your bottom line!
    5. Winning the Talent War…the 8 essential steps to attracting, leading & keeping a top-performing team!
    6. The ‘straight goods’ on profitability…everything you never knew that’s killing your bottom line!
    7. Innovation & Disruption…how to lead your market, frustrate your competitors and grow your bottom line!
    8. The Adventure of Change…how to innovate, thrive and succeed in a fast-changing and turbulent world!
    9. Succession Planning & Exit Strategies…preparing your business and yourself for the most significant financial event in your entire life!


    Keynotes by Speaker Donald Cooper

    Marketing and ‘customer value, service & experience’ titles:

    1. Owning Customers for Life…the ‘straight goods’ on how to create, deliver and communicate compelling customer value, service and experiences!
    2. Be Extraordinary…or Be Eliminated…the simple truth about how to amaze your customers, frustrate your competitors and grow your bottom line!
    3. Creating a Winning Brand…winning the battle for market differentiation, customer ownership and improved profitability!
    4. From ordinary to extraordinary…10 gutsy things you can do, right now, to ‘grab’ your customers and grow your bottom line!   Note: This program is specifically for retailers.
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