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Kay Faulkner

Donna Kay Faulkner

travels from USA

Singer & Speaker: Healthcare, Human Behavior, Women, Spirituality, Wellness, Purpose

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Keynote speaker Donna Kay Faulkner is also an award-winning singer providing an entertaining education moving her audiences into their hearts and inherent wholeness. Her compassionate spirit brings a new understanding of the mind, the time we are living in and a call for individual and collective fulfillment.

For over 11 years Donna Kay Faulkner has been awakening hearts with her powerful message and now is pioneering a new message for the new era, like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon she has emerged from a transformative period in her life freeing her from life-threatening struggles into the liberation of speaking her voice and message no matter what it took. This life experience was the catapult that made Donna a channel for a new understanding into the quantum physics of the mind, heart, and soul that has the ability to heal others into a place of harmony, peace, and wholeness. Weaving healing messages in and out of her music is Donna’s signature form of purposeful sequencing melding profound and revolutionary insight with intimate stories allowing for an instantaneous collective breakthrough transformation of light.

She has been described as ‘amazing and unforgettable’ in her keynote speaking and electrifying in her musical performance, but Donna Kay Faulkner is simply a walking, talking and singing example of courageous leadership beyond the suffering of wounded living, dedicated to supporting the truth about a woman’s true identity. Donna’s ongoing mission and promise to humanity is to share this new understanding of the time we are in and how to live in continual correction of the individual and collective soul for wholeness and fulfillment.

With an interdisciplinary message including philosophy, spirituality, the science of the mind, quantum physics, psychology and physiology, Donna shares this leading-edge yet practical message with a practical skill set for maneuvering the new era upon us so women can fully recognize and own all of their power. Creating a world where we women honor, revere and respect ourselves enough to stand up for our truth, our lives and the lives of others. It’s in the woman’s collective commitment to unite in our authority of love and compassion that can heal humanity and breed life on earth.

With a compassionate, soulful and unbound spirit, Donna Kay Faulkner is bringing forth a new understanding into human consciousness that connects us all in the power of the heart so we can live in a new society of love, justice, and fulfillment

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    Speaker Donna Kay Faulkner Keynote Topics

    How the ‘caregiver burnout’ is the wake-up call to restoring the soul to its inherent wholeness – (It’s time you care about you)

    • Understand how human behavior, the quantum physics of the mind and energy works to care for one’s self.
    • Learn how to instantly release the negative energy of others, protect one’s life force and restore positive energy.
    • Learn practical self-care skills that improves overall well-being and feel inspired with a higher energy level that breeds a more peaceful and purposeful life both personally and professionally.

    An Empowered Woman is the world’s best medicine – (Women’s Wellness)

    • With a world that is so desperate for healing, we are transitioning into a new era where women are to own their Spiritual Authority that will shift us from a masculine patriarchal leadership to a feminine compassionate society where there is equality and justice for all.
    • Know these practical skills to increase literal life force within the mind and body to increase power, confidence and vitality…merging the left and right brain hemispheres into increased whole brain functioning. A whole woman is a whole society.

    Feminine Pride ~ It’s OK to be Phenomenal! (Women)

    • Women are conditioned to stay small, be sweet, don’t ruffle any feathers and be ‘humble’ like we are not supposed to talk proudly of ourselves.
    • Donna is starting a new conversation. True humility is owning our greatness and it’s time to RISE.

    Revolution of the Heart – (Human Behavior & Spirituality)

    • For the human mind and body to not only survive, yet thrive in this new era of transformation, we are to live in the highest of integrity with ourselves and others to transcend the inevitable catharsis and purification individually and collectively, personally and professionally.
    • There is now a wake-up call for a continual practical correction of the mind and soul that can continually empower our lives when practiced and lived. This is what is creating a new heaven and the new earth.
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