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Kay Faulkner

Donna Kay Faulkner

travels from USA

Award-winning singer/songwriter, visionary into human potential, leadership, meaning, and fulfillment.

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Keynote speaker Donna Kay Faulkner is also an award-winning singer providing an entertaining education, moving her audiences into their hearts inspiring action to create a life of meaning. Her compassionate and soulful spirit shares a deep understanding of the mind, the time we are living in and a call for individual and collective fulfillment.

Why book speaker Donna Kay Faulkner?

  • She is a researcher.  Donna helps others understand the science behind the mind and how the alignment and expansion of one’s personal and professional vision will create wholeness and fulfillment in personal and business endeavors.
  • She is an educator. Donna educates audience members through the heart with insightful and revolutionary understanding of the times we are living in and how it could enhance all parts of your lifestyle.
  • She is reflective. Using examples from her own lifestyle, Donna helps audience members inside and outside of the workforce gain clarity, certainty and courage. Book speaker Donna Faulkner today for self-reflection and fulfillment in your workforce and personal life.

Keynote speaker Donna Kay Faulkner is an international award winning singer/songwriter who musically entertains and educates others with a new message for a new era starting in 2020. Donna’s knowledge and insight can catapult the spirit of a person and a corporation into personal, professional and social purpose, responsibility and fulfillment. As a speaker and a singer, Donna Kay Faulkner shares how her personal life journey of experiencing debilitating struggles of trauma, PTSD, insomnia, depression, homelessness, and poverty were a necessary dark part in her quest for realizing and awakening the inherent light of insight and a leading edge understanding into human consciousness, wellness and individual and collective fulfillment.

Donna knows when people are crystal clear in who they are, why they are here and what their value and signature contribution is to others, their life’s work and society as a whole, they become emotionally and physically healthier, more congruent, inspired and productive, which can lead to increased morale, efficiency and long-term profitability.

Speaker Donna helps others understand the science of the mind and how aligning and expanding one’s personal and professional vision into a greater collective compassionate social vision and responsibility, it fuels and supports every other area of life. She believes it’s a company’s responsibility to make sure their employees are empowered and invested in the overall service oriented purpose and vision of the company by helping them see their signature leadership value they contribute to the whole.

“When our personal, professional and social purpose are aligned, there is a force of nature that starts to automatically heal and correct the mind, body, soul and spirit into it’s inherent wholeness and fulfillment of life and light.” – Speaker Donna Kay Faulkner

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Keynote by speaker Donna Kay Faulkner

2020 The Future Vision of Leadership – A Revolution of the Heart

In this keynote, speaker Donna Kay Faulkner takes the audience on a transformational journey through storytelling, music and a message that moves one’s consciousness to the simple roots of our inherent nature, purpose and well-being. This shift in perspective and lifestyle motivates the spirit, heart and soul into inspired action – to fulfill the ultimate will of life and fulfillment. The keynote is full of valuable takeaways as Donna will show you how to:

  • Clarify value and contribution to work and the world
  • Transform boredom and burnout into inspired and empowered action
  • Align employee’s personal purpose with company purpose, then
    awaken social purpose for fulfilling the ultimate will and force of life
  • Learn practical yet profound skills and tools for increasing well-being
    through a balancing of self and others care
  • Encourage company morale, teamwork and unity with clarified


    Donna Kay Faulkner - video

    Donna Kay Faulkner is a "A Story of Redemption"

    Watch artist and motivational speaker Donna Kay Faulkner in action!

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