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Dr. Eliza Filby

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Generations Expert, academic, consultant and writer analyzing generations in order to combat misconceptions.

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Speaker Eliza Filby is an academic, writer and consultant. Eliza advises companies on how to navigate the complex generational gap that has emerged. In her talks, she describes how the different generations are changing and how business can interact successfully not only with Millennials and Gen Zs but crucially across the generations.

Speaker Eliza Filby received her PhD in contemporary British history from the University of Warwick. She is currently a Visiting Lecturer at King’s College, London. As an academic, her thought process is rooted in data and analysis. Using her expertise, Eliza’s aim is to smash some of the misconceptions and generalisations that come with speaking about the generations. Types of questions she addresses include: Why do Babyboomers upload the most to Facebook? Why do Millennials prioritise an in-work gym over an in-work pensions scheme? Why are Generation X the most productive? Why are Millennials in Asia the new Babyboomers? Why are Gen Z tech-inate but tech-sceptics?

In 2014, Eliza founded GradTrain which is now a leading training organisation in the UK. GradTrain works with universities to deliver public speaking and communications coaching for Millennial graduates. Eliza herself is an experienced public speaker and facilitator. She has lectured to a wide range of audiences including universities of Cambridge and Harvard.

As a consultant and speaker Eliza Filby’s past clients include Pictet Bank and RGM International; the Ministry of Defence, global hotel group, IHG, publishing industry bible ‘The Bookseller’, digital design company, JustSoLondon, communications specialist, DRP and leading manufacturer, Procter and Gamble. Furthermore, she has recently completed an extensive six-month project with Toni & Guy and their global wing, Label M.

Generations expert and speaker Eliza Filby is also a prolific writer. Her expertise is widely sought after in the media. Eliza writes for The Times, Guardian, Telegraph and the Spectator, and she has reviewed for publications including the Financial Times. She has acted as a commentator for BBC News, Radio 4, Radio 3, BBC World Service, and BBC’s Daily Politics, as well as broadcasting in Russia, Spain, China and North America. She is also a regular panelist on the Sky News’ Evening Paper review show.

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    Speaker Eliza Filby Keynote Topics

    • How to recruit and retain Millennials and Gen Z employees
    • How to market and appeal to Millennial and Gen Z consumers
    • Global Millennial Values and Future Trends
    • How to fix the Generation Gap in your company
    • The future of the workplace
Dr. Eliza Filby - video

Eliza Filby Highlights, Ivy House Annual Lecture 2019

Watch speaker Eliza Filby talk about differences between generations and how to handle those differences on a workplace:

See keynotes with Dr. Eliza Filby
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Keynote topics with Dr. Eliza Filby