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Uncover the power of controlling your emotions


Dr. Gregg Steinberg

travels from USA

Doctorate in human performance and performance psychologist motivating to control emotions in order to handle pressure

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Keynote speaker Gregg Steinberg has a message: control your emotions and you will master the world. Dr. Gregg has 30 years of experience in coaching elite athletes and executives. He has been hailed by the Golf Digest as the world’s best performance psychologist. An in-demand speaker, Dr. Gregg knows how to deliver heartfelt and inspiring stories, which makes people book him again and again.

Dr. Gregg Steinberg studied sports psychology and has a doctorate in human performance. He has coached players in the NFL and NBA and has also worked with Fortune 500 companies including Merrill Lynch and Pacific Life. Dr. Gregg strives to teach individuals to control their feelings and emotions, so they can bounce back from a difficult and uncomfortable situation. Controlling your emotions allows you to handle pressure and stress in your work-environment and makes you focus on the deal, client or task.

Dr. Gregg has written three books on the subject of human performance, and he was the sports psychology commentator for the 2008 Olympics on Fox News. He has is frequently featured on the Golf channel and CNN

Dr. Gregg is an incredible storyteller and is invited back because of his inspiring and intriguing stories. With his background as a sports psychologist he has helped some of the best players reach their full potential and has quite a few stories to tell.

His methods are hands-on and he gives his audience practical tools to actually improve their lives. He has delivered keynotes and presentations for many different people including schools, corporations and athletes.  

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    Keynote by Speaker Gregg Steinberg

    Adversity is your Superpower

    • Change is never easy although some leaders say it is. Most of us just don’t like challenging situations. In this keynote, Dr. Gregg gives his best advice on how to make the best of a very difficult situation. He has discovered that people are actually able to bounce back higher and better than before the serious difficulty. They don’t fall down – they fall up! Dr. Gregg has found the secret to transcend-ability and will teach his audience exactly how to have greater confidence, better attitude and higher energy after adversity and failure.


    Keynote by Speaker Gregg Steinberg

    Discover Your Peak Emotional State – Discover Your Success

    • Dr. Gregg is an expert on controlling your emotions. He knows exactly how to focus on what’s important and how to have a better attitude. This is probably why he is so successful! For years, he has helped huge athletes change their mindset and stay ahead of the game. In this keynote, you will learn how to be more productive, achieve greater creativity and have less burn-outs.


    Keynote by Speaker Gregg Steinberg

    Go Full Throttle Without Burning Out

    • There are certain people who do it all. They keep everything together, have a positive mindset and achieve results and goals. How do they do it? Dr. Gregg has the answer. He has developed a system comprised of five key emotional intelligence strengths that will help you achieve greatness in your life at work and in your home.


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Go Full Throttle Without Burning Out

Daniel Day Lewis made history by being the first male actor to win 3 academy awards in the Best Actor category. He won for Lincoln (2013), There Will Be blood (2007), and My Left Foot (1989).
According to Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day Lewis acts using a method in which he never breaks character on the set. His roles become all consuming. He goes full throttle into every part that he plays – one of the main reasons for his immense success in the dramatic arts.

Unfortunately for the movie industry, Daniel Day Lewis recently announced he was taking a needed break for a few years. He called it “a lie down”. His comments alluded to the notion that he was burnt out from his current job.

Many people are like Daniel Day Lewis. They go full throttle at work. Their jobs are all consuming and it is non-stop from one day to the next.
Unlike Lewis, most of us are not multi-millionaire actors who can leave our careers for years at a time and just “lie down”. Instead, we must figure out ways to go full throttle without burning out.
The secret to going full throttle is to harness your internal energy rhythms. Our bodies have a natural internal energy rhythm. You can feel it: Place two fingers on the side of your neck and get your pulse. This is the rhythm of life. This is your internal energy rhythm. Once you tap into your energy cycles at the right time, you will not only maximize your productivity but also prevent burnout.

You can accomplish this “Full Throttle’ process in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Become aware of the rise and fall of your natural energy levels.
Does your energy soar in the morning? Does it take a skid after lunch? Do you have a second wind in the afternoon?
While most individuals will have a few peaks and valleys throughout the day, everyone is unique. Knowing when your energy soars as well as when it droops is the first step in going full throttle without burning out.

Step 2: Create an energy to-do list.
Most successful individuals create a to-do list. Here is a twist – quantify those activities on your to-do list in terms of three different levels of energy: high, moderate and low. Meeting with a disgruntle client may take immense energy whereas sending out e-mails requires low energy.

Step 3: Create an energy plan in which you match tasks to your energy levels.
More specifically, place the most demanding energy tasks at times when your energy is soaring. Position moderate energy level tasks for times in the day when your energy begins to slide and do low energy tasks when you have bottomed out.
My energy peaks in the morning so I write this column and do my creative work early in my day. I also have another peak around 2pm and I have scheduled to teach my classes then. This matching system has allowed me to be very productive at the right times during the day.
On the flip side, if I did my high-energy tasks when I had naturally low energy, I would be forcing my creativity. Not only would this make me less effective, it would also zap my energy, and increase my chances of burning out.

Energy rhythms are all around us – the ebb and flow of tides, the migration of the birds, the moon orbiting the Earth, and the Earth orbiting the Sun. There is a rhythm to the Universe. Once you capture those rhythms in your life, then you will be able to go full-throttle without burning out.


Interview with Dr. Gregg Steinberg

How do you prepare for speaking engagements?
I just try to make sure I say “Just share” as my trigger sentence to keep me calm

How do audiences gain from your keynote presentations?
They learn specific strategies to add purpose and gain emotional toughness to their lives

Who or what inspires you most?
People who have made a positive impact on the world like Nelson Mandela and Steve Jobs

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?
When I was speaking to students at Millbrook School. I was speaking about emotional toughness and their faces told me they were totally engaged in the topic.

What kinds of clients have you worked with in the past?
I work with clients across the world and in many disciplines–all who want to gain emotional toughness at work and in their lives.

How did you begin your speaking career?
About 15 years ago, after my first book and thought that speaking to groups was very inspirational and meaningful.

See keynotes with Dr. Gregg Steinberg
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