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Ed Dowding

Founder of FoodTrade
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Ed Dowding is a passionate and innovative man. He founded FoodTrade and spends most of his time helping develop sustainable trade networks. He is ‘relentlessly optimistic’ and a great motivator with an inspirational story. He strives to use food as a tool for making a better world, and to this end he offers talks on innovation, sustainability, hope, policy, organisational structures, and 21st century business patterns.

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Ed Dowding is the founder of FoodTrade, the ‘dating site for food businesses’.

He has spent a good portiong of his career creating social collaboration systems to aid disaster recovery and prevention.

Ed’s current focus is food as it is not only the most vitally important challenge of our times, but also one of the quickest and easiest to solve. He’s relentlessly optimistic.

He sits on the London Food Board. He is also an expert advisor to EU SmartAgrimatics programme, and works with a number of NGOs to encourage sustainable food policies. He holds two world records: one is for ‘most people making chutney from food surplus’, the other is secret until you buy him a drink.

    Speaker Ed Dowding Keynote Topics

    • Society
    • Time
    • Collarboration
    • Agriculture
    • Socio economics
    • 21st century economics
    • Systems thinking
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